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J.F. Englert

J.F. Englert & Randolph


J.F. Englert & Randolph

    Randolph is a highly intelligent black Labrador retriever who resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, reads Dante and Proust, enjoys Chinese takeout and reflecting on the human and canine condition. He is also the actual author of a mystery series and frequently puts his already too short life on the line to right injustice, seek the truth and keep his owner(s) out of trouble.

    To learn more about him please visit his “home” on Amazon by clicking the links associated with the covers on the right side of this page or visit the official Random House page here.

    Here is an excerpt from the back cover for A Dog About Town that describes things a bit more (a bit dramatic, but, oh, well):
    Harry is a man still mourning the loss of his beloved girlfriend, Imogen, who left him suddenly without a word. He’s also the owner of a plump, poetry-loving Lab, Randolph. Like most Manhattan dogs, Randolph spends his days sifting through a world of scents, his owner’s neuroses, and an overcrowded doggy run at the American Museum of Natural History. But now a bereft Harry has drifted into a circle of would-be occultists. Which might not be so bad if one of them wasn’t also a murderer.
    But which one? With 100,000 times the smelling power of a human being, Randolph can quickly detect the scents of guilt, anxiety, and avarice—and he has no lack of suspects, from a seductive con woman to an uncouth professor of the decorative arts. Now, to protect his hapless owner’s life, Randolph might have to do the unthinkable—and start training Harry to catch a killer….

    ABOUT J.F.
    J.F. Englert, a writer of fiction and nonfiction for both book and screen, lives in Manhattan with his wife, P. Englert, daughter, C. Englert, and dog, R. Englert.


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