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Greyhound Adoption League

How fast can a greyhound run? Do their paws really not touch the ground at top speed?

Mark Abrams from G.A.L.T. joins us to talk about adopting ex-track racing greyhounds as family pets.  How can such fast runners make good pets for seniors and cat lovers who live in apartments?  Mark explains why owning a greyhound is so different from owning any other dog.  Go to  for more info.  Deborah shares a home remedy for when your dog gets exposed to smoke or pollutants something yummy from your veggie drawer will help.

Mark Abrams is a volunteer with Galt in Texas and the founder of a greyhound adoption group in Canada.

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All about greyhounds and to find a group close to you

Best book if you want to learn more about greyhounds

To contact Mark Abrams

Greyhounds Adoption League of Texas

Greyhound Support Transport

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