North American Native Fishes: Aquatic Pets from Your Own Back Yard

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

North American Native Fishes are often overlooked and under appreciated as aquarium specimens.  However many of our native fishes, not only make excellent aquarium subjects, but also rival some of the more commonly available tropicals in color and beauty.  Combine this with the fact that you can go on your own collecting adventure, often nearby--or perhaps even in your own back yard--and you have a great reason to give a second look at North American Native Fishes as subjects for your next (or first) home aquarium.  Among the many native darters, minnows, sunfish and killifish, there's sure to be a North American Native Fish that will suit your "aquaristic" taste.

Brian Skidmore has been keeping a variety of aquarium fish for over 30 years, but more recently, has focused on killifish and North American Native Fishes, especially those native to his home state of Florida. He has participated in numerous collecting trips throughout the State of Florida and other southeastern states, and through this experience has been able to collect, photograph and learn about many of Florida's native fishes.  Brian is co-author of the "Florida Collecting Guide, a Guide to the Collection, Identification and Aquarium Maintenance of Florida's Non-Game Fishes", which was recently published in its 3rd edition, and an active member of a number of regional and national aquarium fish societies.