How Cardinal Tetras are Saving the Rainforest: Project Piaba

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Hundreds of millions of aquarium fish are sold each year throughout the world, with an economic value of over 600 million.  Fish in the hobby come from many different sources, including farms in Florida and wild caught fish from the flooded forests, streams, and lakes of the Rio Negro in the Amazon. Tens of millions of fish are exported yearly from this area, and are the major economic source of income for many native people. Project Piaba is a community based, interdisciplinary project which has helped improve the livelihood of these native fishermen and maintain the integrity of the rainforests in the region—both vital to sustainability of the peoples and the wildlife in the area.  Join us as we talk to Scott Dowd, of the New England Aquarium, about Project Piaba, and how buying aquarium fish helps save the rainforest!