Through Hell’s Aquarium—and Back—with Best-Selling Author
Steve Alten!

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

What is the biggest and baddest aquarium you’ve ever seen?  How about the biggest and baddest fish? Best-selling author Steve Alten blows all of those out of the water, with his latest sci-fi horror novel, “MEG: Hell’s Aquarium.” In this 4th installment of Alten’s MEG series, we learn more about Carcharodon megalodon--MEG, for short--the enormous, prehistoric relative of the great white shark, and what could happen if they were still around prowling the oceans—or on display at some of the largest aquaria in the world!

Join us, as we talk with Steve about MEGs and mega-aquaria, other prehistoric and predatory denizens of the deep waters of the Philippine Sea Plate, Bond 007 girls, and his Adopt-An-Author program for teen readers.

MEG: Hell’s Aquarium