Killifish: Small, Secret Gems of the Aquarium World

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Killifish are beautiful, small-bodied fish found in many areas around the world, including in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. They are, as a group, one of the aquarium industry's hidden gems with only some of the hundreds of brightly colored species sold in local aquarium shops. In nature, some of them live in tiny puddles of water, where their eggs must survive dry periods. One species can reproduce, literally, on its own, from just one fish! All have fascinating life histories. 

Our guest today, Charlie Nunziata, has been an active aquarium hobbyist for more than 45 years. Charlie is a life-long member of the American Killifish Association, through which he has been awarded numerous honors. He has founded local societies in New York and Florida, and is currently a Board of Trustees member and chair of the Killifish Conservation Committee. He also is very active with the North American Native Fishes Association. Join us, as Charlie teaches us more about the fascinating and unique killifishes--and how to find them and keep them successfully!