Fish Logistics: Moving Fish and Aquaria, Fish Care When You’re Away, and Power Outages

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

So your aquarium has been set up for a few years and now it looks great! But then life throws some aquarium-keeping challenges your way. Here are a few scenarios: you are moving and want to bring your 55 gallon aquarium . . .you have to leave home for a few weeks, and aren’t sure what to do about your fish. . . powerlines have just been cut because of bad weather, and you don’t have a generator. What do you do?

My guest today is aquarium fish expert Bill Shields, from 5D Tropical, Inc and the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society. Bill has been through each of these potentially aquarium-life-threatening scenarios, and has helped numerous people keep their aquaria healthy and happy through similar stressful times. Need some pointers? Join us!