Discus, The King of Aquarium Fish with Gabe Posada of Jack Wattley Discus

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Many beautiful aquarium fish come from the Amazon but one of the most iconic is the majestic discus.  Known as the 'king of aquarium fish,' discus have a reputation for being difficult to keep.  But are they? Our guest today, Gabriel Posada, has been breeding and raising discus for many years at Jack Wattley Discus. Join us as Gabe shares his knowledge and stories of discus and aquarium pioneer Jack Wattley.


Gabriel Posada was born in Havana Cuba on March 24th 1961. He and his family migrated to the US in 1970 straight to NJ, where they lived  for 21 years. Gabe first began keeping tropical fish when he was four years old, and enjoyed both live bearers and egg layers all throughout the years.In 1983, he set up his first discus tank. After studying Audio Engineering at Rutgers Newark and spending time at the Institute of Audio Research, Gabe moved down to Florida in 1991.

Gabe first met Jack Wattley in 1991 after learning he was nearby and purchased 6 discus from him. It was serendipitous that one year later these six discus became three breeding pairs. After that his life changed forever and he became totally devoted to these fish.  Through trial and error and numerous phone calls to other breeders, he learned how to breed discus and successfully raise their young. Jack gave Gabe the opportunity to become his partner at the end of 1996 and his dream of having a discus hatchery came true. By March of 1997 he and Jack had launched the Miami hatchery and have never looked back. Since opening the new facility, they have shipped discus to enthusiasts from around the world, and Gabe has spent many hours on the phone helping new and established discus keepers. Gabe can honestly say "when you do what you love for a living you never work a day in your life!"