New World Cichlids

Dr. Roy Yanong on Pet Life Radio

Cichlids from the Americas, known as “New World Cichlids,” include angelfish, discus, Jack Dempseys, and oscars. But these species are just the tip of the “New World” iceberg. One of the largest groups comprises those in the Cichlasoma complex including the salvini, lowland, red head, and firemouth cichlids.

Don Conkel is the owner of Don Conkel’s Tropicals, based near Tampa, Florida, with additional facilities in Costa Rica and Mexico. Don, a leading New World cichlid authority and published author, has been breeding cichlids since 1975 and currently specializes in production and importation of North and Central American cichlids, including those in the Cichlasoma complex. Join us, as we talk to Don about his business, his favorite fish, and what hobbyists need to know to succeed with these species.