Super Dog Fashion from Supermodel Kristy Hinze Clark

Jody Miller-Young on Pet Life Radio

Australian supermodel, Kristy Hinze Clark, may have retired from the runway, but she’s still putting her impeccable fashion sense to good use with her classic dog fashion brand, Legitimutt. Discover Kristy’s story, her three adorable mini-Schnauzers and what new styles she’s created!  

Kristy Hinze Clark on Pet Life Radio


Legitimutt was founded in 2011 by Kristy Hinze Clark. Kristy is a fashion expert, supermodel, and a lover of animals. She, is the youngest model to sign a contract with Australian Vogue, and later became the host of Project Runway Australia. Kristy has taken her experience and knowledge from her years on the runway and in the fashion industry, and has focused her attention on legitimutts fashion designs in new product developments.

"We do not offer you drab stuff from China. If your searching for knockoffs you will not find it here. We offer you gorgeous fashion designs made in the USA. Our styles give you a new look and feel in dog fashions created for the ones you love.”

Only up-to-the-minute fashion trends. You'll avoid the blunder of having out-of-date design styles, and wondering about what-is-hot and what-is-not. We'll help you untangle this by offering you todays latest design styles for your dogs to show-off their beauty. Our idea is to give you the newest styles of luxury and glamor so your dogs reflect the high-flying life of celebrity pets.