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Rock Star Dro of DeadStar Assembly Harmonizes with His Critters

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Pet lovers come in all looks and attitudes – just like pets come in all shapes and sizes. You must tune in for this episode that spotlights our special guest, The Dro – lead bass player for DeadStar Assembly, a popular industrial metal rock band from South Florida. When he isn’t on stage rocking out to the band’s growing legion of fans, Dro feels like a rock star when he comes home and is greeted by his menagerie of pets that include an Arctic fox, hissing cockroaches, a crested gecko and a rescued canine appropriately named Doggie. This guy knows music and he knows the amazing powers of pets. He even taught “Oh Behave!” host Arden Moore some surprising insights into cockroaches and tarantulas. Rock on!

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Deadstar Assembly


Arden Moore: Welcome back to the “Oh Behave!” show on Pet Life Radio.  I’m your host Arden Moore.  Our special guest today is known among legends of fans in the underground music scene as the Dro, a member of a Deadstar Assembly.  I guess can I call you Dro, is that your nickname?

Dro: Yes.

Arden Moore: Okay cool, so we’ll take after that -- you know we’re pals now and everything so I’m glad you could be on your show Dro.  First of all, tell us a little bit about the Deadstar Assembly, you know it’s fitting that we’re tapping the show on Halloween and I’ve been listening to your music and I guess I got my house clean in record time because the beat is really addictive and fast and lot of energy.  So, explain to us a little bit to us a little bit about your band and we can go from there to the critter crew.

Dro: Thank you.  Actually we’ve been around for around six years we started down here in South Florida.  We played pretty much a mixture of industrial metal music and you know, we have a great fan based and we’ve been doing shows from everywhere from here to Florida all the way up to Portland, Oregon, we’ve toured all over and we’re -- we’re doing a bunch of things lately, we’ve got new record coming out, all sorts of stuff going on so it’s pretty cool and it’s been a pretty fun right.

Arden Moore: Well, I mean everybody’s got a dash after the show to the website, and take a peak if you dare.  And the photos of this amazing group of band members.  They include Dearborn, DreGGs, is it pronounce Cygnus?

Dro: Yes.

Arden Moore: Okay and of course our special guest, the Dro.  Now your first album was self-titled “Deadstar Assembly” and some of the hits songs are called “Normal” and “Breathe For Me”.  And then you had a second released called “Unsaved” and there is the songs “And Ashes Will Fall” and “Dejected” and I understand you’re now -- the group is now working on a third release, so let’s talk about that, how’s that going?

Dro: Yes, we’ve actually been working on an album we’re calling “Coat Of Arms” and it should be released some time in the winter, we’re still finishing up a recording, you know and writing a couple more songs for us to finish.  We’ve been changed around how we record and how we do things this time and we’ve done something different for the fans and I think everybody is really going to enjoy it.

Arden Moore: All right, you got my feeling curiosity I promise curious as a cat, can you spill a little of the beans and let us know what you’re talking about?

Dro: Well, we don’t want to give too much a way but I mean we’ve added a bunch of new sounds, good songs that we haven’t used in the past and you know we’ve kind of change the way we’ve done things in the way of recording and I think everything, it’s going to be a little bit of a different album than what the fans are used to hearing but I think it’s going to be a lot better than what they’re used to, they’re going to like a lot for sure.  I’m addicted to it already I can’t stop listening to the songs so…

Arden Moore: Oh, you know what that’s a good sign I think, tell us a little bit about the -- the guys in your band, I mean they’ve got cool names but you’re the bass player right, and you’ve done other things but you’re sort of -- on the bass, right?

Dro: Yes, I played bass in that as far and the other guys are -- are pretty crazy themselves you know we have a lot of fun on tour.  Dearborn is pretty much the -- like we called him the leader of the band, you know the leader of the pack, he’s like…

Arden Moore: Okay.

Dro: …other in the group, you know he tells us you know everything we need to do and, and we do it right and -- and then we have fun in the meantime, you know.

Arden Moore: Okay.

Dro: He takes care of a lot of the business and we show up and play, that’s what I -- we can tell people.

Arden Moore: So he -- so he’s like the border collie if you guys were on the canine world right?

Dro: Okay yes.

Arden Moore: He can leads -- yes okay, all right and let’s say, how about DreGGs?

Dro: he’s a guitar player, he’s -- I don’t know how to even describe DreGGs, he’s got his own personality of his own, if anybody’s mad on that you know what I mean, he’s fun to be around and he’s always got something funny to say and he’s the guy who’s always bringing along the entertainment on the ride you know, when we get on the tour bus, he’s he first one to load up and his videogames that we need a players, or movies or anything, so he’s like, he brings on the entertainment.

Arden Moore: Well I will call him a Lovable Labrador Retriever then if we’re going to this dog [xx], okay let’s go with Cygnus, what about him?

Dro: He’s a quiet funny guy, he’s quiet and everybody know he’s wondering what he’s thinking about and what he’s doing the same next but every time he opens his mouth he gets his cracking up laughing.

Arden Moore: Oh my gosh, okay.

Dro: And he plays drum for the band.

Arden Moore: He plays drum, we’ll try to figure -- what kind of dog breed you think he best exemplifies?

Dro: I don’t even know, I don’t even know what -- what I will describe him as, he’s like the quiet guy so it’s kind of hard to say.

Arden Moore: Yes, that probably say he’s probably like Shiba Inu, you know what those -- those Japanese dogs are very quiet, they don’t bark but you know they are there.

Dro: Yes.

Arden Moore: And, I guess -- now we have to describe you Dro, what would you think?  What’s your personality like?

Dro: Well, I’m all about having fun you know, I enjoy just doing what I do and I don’t let the small things bother me, usually I just do my thing and have fun while I’m at it, so…

Arden Moore: Well, you could be like a Golden Retriever because they take everything on and they don’t care, they don’t get bark by many things and they -- they have brains and good looks and I got to tell you I love the way you guys portray yourselves.  If you were trying to describe your band I mean I’m going to date myself I feel like a grandma here, but you know you almost look like a 21st Century version of like Marilyn Manson or something or am I wrong here or tell me out -- how we describe.

Dro: You know that’s -- well a lot of people describe us as you know a lot of people see us in that light because you know we do the whole make-ups or anything and, and we have a great stage show.  So they compare us to Marilyn Manson a lot and the cool thing is we actually have a guy working for us, he’s our road manager who -- whose son was actually on the first Manson record, so it’s kind of ---

Arden Moore: Oh, wow!

Dro: --- well mixture, you know.

Arden Moore: Yes, well that sound bad for someone like me whose only musical background was like I got kicked out of high school band, I played the glockenspiel, so I love music Dro but you won’t see my name on any record label in anytime soon.  So, how do you do this?  You love music, you love animals and I guess you were known as the animal guy in your previous life or maybe you still do, you had some experience on an exotic pet shops, talk about that a little bit.

Dro: Yes, that’s right, in the band they all considered me as the bug guy, the animal guy, you know the troublemaker because I’ve always got all sorts of little creatures around me and I raised everything from cockroaches and tarantulas to you know foxes and everything, you know but -- and probably around when I was like 20 years old, I got to open up a pet store down in Fort Lauderdale and it was for around we -- we had it for about three years and we sold everything from lizards and snakes to you know fish and this all sorts of things and it was cool.  Unfortunately I had to close down the store because we ended up getting roped and I had a lot of other stuffs going on at the time but and that’s when I looked forwards in the future opening up another exotic pet shop, I actually have some pretty cool ideas for what I would like to do when I have the funding to open up a new one.

Arden Moore: Now cockroaches, I used to live in Florida too Dro, I worked at the Fort Lauderdale Sunset no, about ten years or go and I remember that people will call cockroaches, their polite terms was palmetto bugs but they’re still cockroaches, right?

Dro: Yes, the -- actually the kind of roaches that I breed here at home actually are the -- the Madagascar hissing cockroaches and I also have the death’s head roaches for anyone who knows anything about them.  They’re not like the palmetto bugs and a lot of people get freak out when they see those but ---

Arden Moore: Okay.

Dro: --- I’ve noticed a lot of people who have been over to my place or even at my shop when I had it that they aren’t as afraid of the hissing cockroaches and the death’s head as they are a palmetto bugs, I don’t know why that is but I guess maybe it still look, you know that freaks people out and the fact that they fly.

Arden Moore: Now you, you called them hissing cockroaches and death heads, is that right?

Dro: Yes, the ---

Arden Moore: Well that sounds like a good rock band right there.

Dro: Yes right, they -- actually the hissing cockroaches are the ones they usually use in movies that don’t the wings and they’re -- they’re the orange and black stripe roaches that makes the hissing sound when you touch them.

Arden Moore: Oh okay, all right so, for everybody going out to rent a Scary Movie for Halloween, this is a good thing they could go for the hissing cockroach to see just being with you Dro, I’ve already learned some things about cockroaches, what about the ones, the death heads, what are they about?

Dro: Well, the ones that I have aren’t actually true death’s head, they’re kind of like a hybrid species but they called them death’s head because the original ones have pattern on the top of their head that actually look like a skull ---

Arden Moore: Uh-huh.

Dro: --- so they called it death’s head for that reason.

Arden Moore: Wow!  What are the personalities of these kinds of cockroaches, let’s give them, this is a chance to have somebody that knows cockroaches give a little better spin on what they’re all about, what’s your take on cockroaches and -- and are why they could make some good pads for some people?

Dro: Well, I actually think that cockroaches aren’t really as dirty as people assume…

Arden Moore: Um-hm.

Dro: …they would be and they are like family creatures, I mean they live in a group with their family and, you know the -- the hissing cockroaches are -- are pretty mellow you can pick them up and they’ll just sit there in your hand and the only time they really get annoy is if somebody like poking at them they’ll start hissing, the ---

Arden Moore: Yes.

Dro: --- the death’s head roaches are little different though, they are the kind not a literally more high breed and like to scattered around.

Arden Moore: Okay.  What do you see the -- the hissing cockroaches?

Dro: I’ll tell you anything from just food scraps, the vegetables, carrots, apples, everything, pretty much anything you put in front of them, they’ll eat.

Arden Moore: Okay.  And now let’s go from little to big, so from there you’ve also had tarantulas too?

Dro: Yes, I’ve got two rose hair tarantulas, I’ve had pink toe tarantulas, I’ll show it to them.

Arden Moore: They’re -- I kind of like them they almost look like spiders with [xx] sweaters, don’t you think?

Dro: Yes, pretty much and you know that’s another thing is that different types of tarantulas all have different attitudes.  So people see some tarantulas and I think they’re going to get attack by them but the reality is most of them would rather run away than come after you.

Arden Moore: Have you ever train a tarantula to do a special trick, are they into clicker training or what’s the take of the ones you’ve had?

Dro: No, actually the only thing I really done with my tarantulas are I’ve used them in photo shoots, so I put them you know like I have one cool picture that I’ve taken in the past with one of my rose hair is that it was sitting on top of a skull and I also had it coming out of the eye ball in the skull and the cool thing about tarantula is if you kept them on the abdomen, they actually walk towards the way that you’re walking them, so you can get them to kind of where you want them to and kind of get them to stay where you want them to, if you’re doing something like photo shoot.

Arden Moore: Oh my gosh!  You know, I’ve tapped my dog Chipper’s belly and she’s never walk that way like a tarantula.  So, you’ve just made tarantula smarter than most dogs, you know that?

Dro: I don’t know about that, but ---

Arden Moore: No, that’s pretty cool, I mean, it’s nice that you have this love for all creatures and all creators and all and, I’m just wondering, growing up, were you the kid that always looked under the rock for a bug to take home to have as a pet, or, give us a little background.

Dro: Well, I grew up in New York.

Arden Moore: Um-hum.

Dro: So, there weren’t really lots of bugs and animals that you can really find over there because I was in the city.

Arden Moore: Um-hum.

Dro: The only bugs that I really played with, what kind of got me into bugs were, what they called roly-poly, the cell bugs.

Arden Moore: Okay.

Dro: And I always had, unlike picking those up, I’d find them in the alleys and I collect a whole bunch of them and keep them in a jar and then, you know, later on, I’d let them go and even fireflies that, you know, in New York and all over the place.  So, that’s how I got into it, but really when I move to Florida around the age at 12 is when I started seeing all these different animals running around that you don’t normally see in the city.  So, I got really attracted to him and I had started collected them, thinking like, “Wow, this is almost like a piece of art that’s living.

Arden Moore: Okay.

Dro: So, to me, I view it as that.

Arden Moore: Don’t you think this love of animals you’re had and really paying attention to the details, the little bugs that are running around, how does that impact your creativity, as a musician?

Dro: Well, you know, looking at every single different species of bugs and animals and everything kind of brings out the creativeness because they’re all different in their own way, they all have, you know, different colors, different shapes and sizes and it’s almost like an alien world. It kind of expands your creativity to just looking at that and saying, “Wow!  If that’s possible, then anything is possible.”

Arden Moore: Is there any certain song you can talk about that maybe the tarantula or one of the hissing cockroach is seem to be an inspiration for you?

Dro: Well, we actually use giant millipede, an African giant millipede in the video, Killing Myself Again and ---

Arden Moore: Um-hum.

Dro: --- it was just kind of a manifold for the later part of the song that it sings.  So, for anybody who is curious to check that out, we have those videos on our MySpace page and on our page, they can check that out and see the clip of the ---

Arden Moore: Okay.  Just to make sure, go to MySpace page and the website to be able to download that, right?

Dro: Yes.  And -- oh, and I forgot to mention that ---

Arden Moore: Okay.

Dro: --- I also have a scene where I eat mealworms.  So I’m sure people have [xx] that on Halloween.

Arden Moore: Please don’t tell me they taste like chicken.

Dro: No, they don’t.  They actually taste like dirt.

Arden Moore: Dirt?  Well, maybe that’s because that’s what they eat, right?

Dro: Yes.  Well, that’s what they live in, so I would assume that’s why it taste like dirt.

Arden Moore: And you do this for -- you got paid what, a nickel to do this or what made you -- inspired you to do that scene?

Dro: No, it was just something -- we had them on the set and, you know, I had them there with me and they were like, “Hey, why don’t you try this, it’ll look cool.”  And I was like, “All right.  Well, what do I get out of it?”  And they’re like, “The satisfaction of knowing that it’ll be in the video.”  I’m like, “Okay.”  So, that was good enough for me.

Arden Moore: You’re a good sport about that.  You know, we’re talking to Dro, he is a member of the Deadstar Assembly band and an amazing lover of all creatures.  We’re going to learn a little bit more, we’ve talked about cockroaches, tarantulas and the little guys, we’re going to move up a little bit on the food chain and talk to him about some of the other creatures in his life right after this commercial break.

Arden Moore: And we’re back with Dro.  Hey Dro, thank you for explaining a little bit.  I’ve learn so much about cockroaches and tarantulas, I feel like I could, maybe, go on, you know, jeopardy or something, if they had that category, I’m in.

Dro: Yes, they’re great, you know, like I said, again, you know, I see them as more of like a piece of art work and they way I set up their cages, you know, it’s more like something that is on display in my house and, you know, people see that and they’re like, wow, you know, that’s amazing that you have something that’s so beautiful living inside your house, you know.

Arden Moore: Yes.  You must have amazing karma because of all the creatures, don’t you think?

Dro: I sure like to hope so.

Arden Moore: Well, let’s talk about others because I went on your MySpace page and I was just into the -- we went from the “Uh!  Cockroaches” to the Spooky, your artifacts and of course, this adorable phoenix fox name Scout.  It looks like he’s got ears like an airplane wingspan, I mean, my gosh!  Tell me a little about Spooky and Scout?

Dro: Well, Scout was a recent purchase that I got from a breeder down here.  We always like to joke around and say that when he opens his mount, we can hear radio stations playing this because of the satellite ears that he has on his head, you know.

Arden Moore: Right.

Dro: But I originally got it him because my girlfriend was going through some hard time, she’s going through some melanoma treatment and it was pretty -- a pretty rough time, going through all the radiations and all the treatment, I said, you know, let’s get something that is going to make her happy and be just like our ray of sunshine, we call him too.  So, that’s kind of why we brought Scout into the family and, you know, he is adorable, he is loving, he just, you know, he loves being around the other pets and he gets along with everyone.  So, you know, we have a lot of fun with him.  And then, Spooky, the arctic fox, I’ve had him for about five to six years, and I got him as a kid and he came from a breed that are also down in Fort Lauderdale and the breeder that I got him from used to work with me with the pet shop that I used to own.  And unfortunately, after three years of having him, we found out that he was epileptic.

Arden Moore: Oh my gosh!

Dro: Yes.  The vets decided that it might be an option to put him to sleep because of it, but I decided instead that I would, you know, go for taking care of him because I would hate to put any family member down and I’ve always been the one to say, you know, if somebody has a child and they’re epileptic, would you put them to sleep?  You know, probably not.  So, as long as the medications are working and he’s still living and eating and functioning, why put him to sleep.  So, unfortunately, I have to deal with him, having seizures, but I tried to keep it under control with the medication.  So, he’s become a little bit aggressive since he’s had the epilepsy, but before that, he was really sweet and he loved to be, you know, held and be around other people, but now, he just kind of likes being to himself or with the other animals.

Arden Moore: Yes.  Now, you have a dog, cleverly named Doggie.  How does Doggie get along with Spooky and Scout?

Dro: They all get along great.  Doggie is kind of like the mother of the family, you know, she’s the one who kind of looks after everyone when I’m away and I actually found her in the road, probably about eight years back.  She was running around in the middle of the street and I almost hit her with my car.  And when I open up the door and I was like, “Come here Doggie.”  She ran and jumped in my back seat.  So, appropriately named, she get, you know, get the name Doggie since she responded to that.

Arden Moore: Well, she’s very cute.  You said -- what do you think she’s made of?  I’m looking at the picture on your MySpace.  She’s got a little lab in her.  What else do you think?

Dro: Yes.  She’s like a Border collie mixed with a lab.

Arden Moore: Wow!  You got brains and loyalty, right in one bundle of fur, that’s not a bad combination, right?

Dro: Yes.  You have no idea.  She’s probably the smartest dog I’ve ever been around.

Arden Moore: Wow!  Who takes care of your creatures when you’re out jamming on the stage and you’re here to Oregon, how do you deal with that?  Because a lot of folks would be curious, we love our pets and we have to sometimes travel.  So, how do you wrestle with that?

Dro: My girlfriend actually really helps me out a lot, you know.  Whenever I have to go out of town and/or when I’m on tour, she stays here and watches over everybody.  So, I’m really thankful to have her, you know, here to be able to help me with all that because it’s definitely a big job with all the pets I have.

Arden Moore: Um-hum.

Dro: I mean, if I start here, a name, all these types here in the house, from the small ones to the big ones, that’d probably take up the whole show.

Arden Moore: Well, let’s go do a summary, our reader’s digest summary.  We’ve talked about the foxes, the dogs, the tarantulas, the cockroaches, what are some of the other -- I think you have an Amazon Tree Boa named Striker, correct?

Dro: Yes.  And again, appropriately named because of the fact that anyone that puts their hand anywhere near him, he strikes at them because that’s what the Amazon Tree Boas do.  So, yes, he’s -- that’s -- you know, I’ve had him for probably around six years or so also and I have a ball python, which is a full-grown one.

Arden Moore: Um-hum.

Dro: And I got a bearded dragon, crested gecko I’ve got a couple of fish, soft shell turtle, regular flyer turtles and then there is the other snake that the name escapes me.  I always called him the one-eyed Snake.  That’s why I forget because I just called him the one-eyed snake.

Arden Moore: I’m sure he doesn’t mind.  So, it must take a lot of time to get these creatures fed and you have to bond with them and have little one-on-one time, so how do you and your girlfriend deal with that?

Dro: Yes.  Well, they’re mostly rescues, you know, like, most of the pets that I had, when I originally got them were some sort of rescues.  So, to me, it wasn’t only just to have the pets and have all these creatures around, but just the fact that, you know, I can help them out and not have to put them to sleep because, you know, I would hate to have any animals put to sleep for just -- for example, the snake, you know that has only one eye, like, why put him to sleep just because he has some problems?  So, she definitely is able to help me out with the mammals by, you know, we feed them.  Most of them eat the same food, like, the foxes will eat the dog’s food as well as a mixture of fruits.

Arden Moore: Oh, okay.

Dro: So, it’s not that hard, you know, I don’t have to get them many different foods.  And then the reptiles, any reptile owner knows that you don’t really have to feed them like you would a mammal.  So, they don’t have to be fed everyday and looked after everyday, you know, just ---

Arden Moore: Right.

Dro: So, it’s not as hard as most people would assume.  So, even though I have many pets, most of them are easy to care for.

Arden Moore: Well, it also sounds like you are lucky to find a girl is willing to be open to having a variety of pets too.  You have quite a Noah’s Ark there, it seems like.

Dro: Yes, definitely.  It’s hard to find a girl who is okay with living with cockroaches.

Arden Moore: But they’re well-behaved hissing cockroaches, right?

Dro: Yes, of course.  She actually also just brought in a stray cat.  So, that’s a new addition also.  So yes, we definitely have everything.

Arden Moore: So, what’s this cat like?  Do you have a name for the cat yet?

Dro: Yes.  His name is Jack.  He’s actually really sweet and I’m not really a cat person, you know, I’m more of a canine person.  So, when it came to her bringing him home, I was really against it, I felt we have so many pets as it is and it would be so much harder to be bringing in another pet to the family.

Arden Moore: Um-hum.

Dro: But now that he is here and he’s gotten acclimated to the surroundings, you know, I really kind of fell in love with him and he -- since I work from home, he’s always around me.  So ---

Arden Moore: Right.

Dro: --- he’s kind of got this, like, gravitation pull or everywhere I go, he is there and he’s actually in here with me right now and just running around, jumping on top of everything, wondering what I’m doing.

Arden Moore: Well, that’s great.  Well, you know, a real man love cats.  So, you’re doing okay with Jack.

Dro: Yes.

Arden Moore: So, you’re probably going to get more fans, see?  I think men ---

Dro: Yes.

Arden Moore: --- declare their manhood if they say they like a cat.  So, there you go.

Dro: And he’s a black cat.  So again ---

Arden Moore: Oh, cool.

Dro: --- for Halloween, it’s great.

Arden Moore: Yes, yes.  Just don’t let him outside today, okay?

Dro: Definitely not.

Arden Moore: No, no.  And, now how does he get along with Spooky and Scout and Doggie?

Dro: I seriously think he assumes that he is a canine himself now because ---

Arden Moore: Okay.

Dro: --- of being around them.  So he -- he’s the one to always jump on them.  He’s, you know, he’s the first one that start playing.  And, he’s a kid and so he’s just getting used to being around everything.  And he’s still trying to find out what everything is.  He likes to manipulate everything he can around him.  He just grabs everything with his paws and chews on everything.  It’s funny.

Arden Moore: Well, do you have a bathtub at all in your place?

Dro: Yes, I got two.

Arden Moore: Okay.  One thing that cats really love, I call it feline hockey.  You can take a paper wad or a ping-pong ball in an empty bathtub of course and toss it in there and let them fly around inside the bathtub.  It’s hilarious.  They look almost like Tony Hawk on a skateboard or you know, Wayne Gretzky on ice.  So, try that sometime when you’re bored and see if Jack is game for that.

Dro: Yes, I actually heard about that in one of you’re past interviews.  I believe it was the one you did with the Hollywood Chihuahua maybe ---

Arden Moore: Yes.

Dro: I heard about -- you were about that.  I believe that was the one.  Im not sure but I’m definitely looking forward to trying that.

Arden Moore: Okay.  Well, I mean, I’ve try to do it myself in a bathtub.  But I just can’t make those hard turns that quickly.  But my cats Kelly and Murphy are like, “Ha, ha, look at me.  I’m flying”.  So, I think it might be some fun for Jack.  Do you ever dedicate any of your songs to any of your cool animals?

Dro: No, we haven’t yet.  But ---

Arden Moore: Yes.

Dro: --- I’ll be sure to have my singer announce that the next time we play out and tell him he needs to dedicate it to all the animals that we have.  He’s got a few rescued himself too.  So he’ll understand.

Arden Moore: That’s good.  Anybody else in the band have any pets?

Dro: Yes, my singer has -- he’s got two pups.  He’s got a Chihuahua and a Papillion and a cat.  He’s actually got ---

Arden Moore: Wow!  Is that Dearborn?

Dro: Yes Dearborn.

Arden Moore: Okay.  Wow, that’s quite crew.  What about Dreggs or Cygnus, did they have any?

Dro: Cygnus has a small dog.  I’m thinking it’s a Miniature Pinscher but I’m not positive because I’ve only seen the dog once.  So I’m not really sure ---

Arden Moore: Okay.

Dro: --- on what kind it is but -- and Dreggs, I don’t think he has any pets right now.

Arden Moore: Okay.  You know, you have a great platform as a musician and you’re able to reach a lot of people.  And songs, to me are just amazing because you can take words and vocals and wow, it is quite an art.  So I do applaud you for being able to have such a talent.  But throughout this whole conversation, I’m hearing something from you that you are really a champion of all creatures on this planet.  And, I didn’t know if there is anything you wanted to give or shout out to the people when it comes to just how lucky we are to have pets of all types in our life.

Dro: Yes, I really think that a lot of people take some of that stuff for granted you know.  And, they don’t really get the chance to look at the world in that light.  And there are so many different things that go on here in this world today.  And really the animals are the ones that are keeping me sane at least going through all of it.  So, it’s definitely -- I know some people aren’t animal people.  But if they gave it a chance to really see what kind of happiness that they bring into their lives, like, I would have never believed, you know, when I was younger that these animals could have done so good for me mentally, just having them around because it’s so nice to be able to walk in the door and have them greet you.  I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

Arden Moore: Well, yes.  You truly do get greeted like a rock star when you walk in your house, don’t you?

Dro: Exactly.

Arden Moore: --- from running to the door, hey.

Dro: Yes, that’s right, that’s right.

Arden Moore: Hey, I’m very, very pleased and honor Dro that you became a guest in out show.  He is a bass player for the Deadstar Assembly.  He is great.  I’ve learned so much from you about pets and that’s the beauty of the show because everyday you can learn something and you can pass it on.  We want everybody to go to, check out their website and realize that the third album is underway.  It’s getting put together.  But -- is there tour spots or anything?  Do you want to give a little, shout out to let your fans what’s up with Deadstar?

Dro: Well, we’ve been releasing quite a few videos from the studio.  So, if fans want to check out, our MySpace page is Assembly.  And we have videos to show some of the new songs that we’re doing and some clips from the studio of us just messing around, and I’m sure they’ll enjoy.  Tour, right now, we don’t have plans at the moment.  We’re just planning on finishing this album so that we can tour when we release it.  In that way, people can get to hear all the new music while we’re on tour.

Arden Moore: Well, we hope when you do release it, you give us a call so we can let people know and do a followup and put it on your guest biopage too because the nice thing is once you’re on our show, you never leave because you know, we post it, people can cherry-pick and listen to all shows on the entire PetLifeRadio Network.  And we do have a pretty nice extensive guest bio page.  So I’m hoping after we taped the show, we can get some good links from our pet fans to you.

Dro: Yes, definitely.  And, you know what I also noticed that a lot of my fans, they don’t really get to hear a lot of my personal life with the animals.  They really -- every interview that I’ve done is about the band and the band only.  So, it’s nice to have an interview to let them know because I get so many questions when people see pictures on my pages of all my personal pets.  And it’s cool to get to let them know, this time, you know, how I feel about animals and the respect I have for them.

Arden Moore: I find it interesting that on the different categories you have for your photos on your MySpace page that you have over a hundred photos of your pet.  That’s a testament in itself.

Dro: Yes.  Well, maybe that’s because I have over a hundred pets.

Arden Moore: All right.  Well, Dro, thank you very much for being on the show.  He is on the band Deadstar Assembly.  I have learned a lot from you.  I think that the critters in your home are very blessed to have you as their pal.  And, we want everybody to go to the entire shows on PetLifeRadio Network.  It’s really easy to do.  Just go to  And, if you have some ideas for shows, give us a shout.  I want to also thank my producer, Mark Winter.  He just makes the show happen every week.  So until next time, this is your flea free host Arden Moore delivering just two words for all you two, three and four leggers out there, “Oh, Behave”.


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