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Meet Katie Amanda Keane: A Howling Success on ABC Family’s Ruby & The Rockits

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Multi-talented actress Katie Amanda Keane takes a break from taping the new ABC Family hit show, Ruby & The Rockits, to chat with Oh Behave host Arden Moore about life in Hollywood with her best pal -- a sweet German Shepherd named Georgie. Keane is an in-demand actress, appearing on NCIS, Eli Stone, Shark, How I Met Your Mother and more TV shows. She now stars as Audie Gallagher on this comedy show that also features David and Patrick Cassidy as well as rising stars Alexa Vega, Austin Butler and Kurt Doss. She and Georgie are big supporters of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and the Westside German Shepherd Rescue. Tune in for this special episode!

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Arden Moore: Welcome to the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio, I’m your host, Arden Moore. Today you’re going to meet a modern day Dorothy and her 21st Century Toto. That’s right our special guest grew up in Topeka Kansas and she is now unleashing her multiple acting talents in Howlywood and beyond. Always by her side and in her heart is her best pal Georgie a hundred pound German Sheppard rescued as a pup from an L.A. animal shelter. Please give paws and applause to actress Katie Amanda Keane. Welcome to the show Katie!

Katie Amanda Keane: Thank you, it’s my pleasure to be here. I will never turn down an opportunity to talk about Georgie.

Arden Moore: I love it, I love it. You know we’re gonna be chatting with Katie about how she went from bussing tables at a steakhouse in Topeka to landing in a starring roll in the new ABC family show, Ruby and the Rockits, right after this commercial break. So, sit and stay. We’ll be right back. Welcome back to the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio. I’m your host, Arden Moore. Katie Amanda Keane is in the house. You might have caught her guest appearances on such popular shows as NCIS, that’s one of my personal must-sees. CSI: New York, Eli Stone, and How I Met Your Mother. Or for you theatergoers you may have been captivated by her performances with the Shakespeare of Orange Country California troupe. That’s right, she’s taken on the role of Desdemona in Othello, Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, and Katharine in Taming of the Shrew and others, so you know what? Bottom line listeners, our guest has the acting chops to make you laugh, gasp, and keep you intrigued. Wow, you know what Katie you have a lot of range on stage, and in the movies, and on TV. And by the sound from your bio goes you’ve also paid your dues so, lets kind of trace you from Kansas to Hollywood.

Katie Amanda Keane: Wow that is, well I think you’ve done it. That was an amazing job I am sitting here like, very impressed if I didn’t you know, know myself. You make it sound good.

Arden Moore: I was that short little girl in the shadows, yeah that was me.

Katie Amanda Keane: Well you make me sound very good, I appreciate that. I am, I am from a small town in Kansas, I mean Topeka’s the capital but it’s still pretty you know, small town and I was raised by a single mom and we kinda, you know things were always a bit of a struggle growing up and I could not wait to start working. So I did, I started working at about thirteen years old, I did my first play when I was in Junior High school, I did “Charlotte’s Web”.

Arden Moore: Wow

Katie Amanda Keane: So I’m head over heels with it. I just, I felt like I finally found something that fit with me and it just took off from there. I did theatre all through high school and college and moved out to Long Beach to get my masters in theatre. And then from theatre and from there it kinda transitioned into into film and television. And I’ve been doing that pretty much solely for the five to seven years just kinda trying to do the film and TV thing and now I am so blessed and grateful to be on the most amazing show ever.

Arden Moore: Whoohoo!

Katie Amanda Keane: And I wake up every day thrilled to go to work at Ruby and the Rockits and I’m having the time of my life.

Arden Moore: Oh my God I’m just thinking, I’m sitting back going, I think I love you and I have to find a way, to sing you this. There’s so much partridge in a pear tree in this connection in this show. Talk about this Cassidy family connection with Ruby and the Rockits.

Katie Amanda Keane: Well it is really a family show, I mean these guy, it’s incredible. They’ve been wanting to do this show for a long time. Sean Cassidy is producing and writing. David and Patrick Cassidy are starring.  Ryan, the youngest Cassidy is actually one of the set decorators on the show. I mean it’s just a family atmosphere and we actually had Shirley Jones on, she’ll be guesting on one of the shows this season.

Arden Moore: Oh great!

Katie Amanda Keane: I know so it’s

Arden Moore: Danny Bonaduce won’t be far behind right?

Katie Amanda Keane: I think, maybe we’ll leave that for season three. I don’t know we’ll see. I’ll put a plug in for ya. I’ll tell them you wanna see that.

Arden Moore: Oh good, your call, your call now. Personally if I had a choice, I’d rather have Georgie your German shepherd have some kind of cameo or a walk on or a paw on visit so tell our listeners a little bit about, I mean most of the time when you think about people who have dogs in tinsel town they’re more noted for dogs riding in purses or shopping for necklaces at Gucci. I mean Georgie’s not your purse dog right?

Katie Amanda Keane: No she, I think she is about 100 pounds; she is the love of my life. And I have to say I always grew up having dogs but I never really had one that was mine one. And I haven’t been involved with like how passionate I have become with animals just in terms of like I’m a huge supporter of, Best Friends, and I am so passionate about rescuing animals now. I am rescuing dogs and there is nothing I feel more strongly about than people who neglect their animals, people that go to puppy mills or the mall. I just, it’s my cause. I just am crazy about it. And I will take any opportunity to, there’s just so many amazing dogs out there that need homes. And I found Georgie at a shelter in downtown L.A.  and did not know what I was getting myself into when I picked her up and took her home and thought she was just going to be this quiet amazingly cute puppy and she turned my life upside down in the most amazing way possible; And the first six months were really tough I thought I was going to lose my mind and…

Arden Moore: Well you know what Katie, I call the first few months of a puppies life the wonder year because you wonder, ‘what am I doing?’

Katie Amanda Keane: What am I doing? What did I sign up for here? And I also started thinking like what did I do with my life before I had this dog? I mean I must have had so much free time and money. Because I have none of it now. I have no time and no money and my ankles are constantly you know, bleeding from her biting my ankles. And, but I would do it again in a heartbeat because she is the one thing in this town that keeps me grounded and keeps me. You know it doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had at my audition, anything. I come home and Georgie’s like, ‘I don’t care cuz I’m the only thing that matters’. You know, ‘I need to go for a walk, I need to go for a hike’, that pulled me out of myself so quickly I am so grateful at her for that. For just, yeah giving me that focus and that focus was her, totally.

Arden Moore: Yeah, gets you in that present mind.

Katie Amanda Keane: Yep

Arden Moore: And what are there a lot of places you can hike, you can walk with Georgie?

Katie Amanda Keane: There are fabulous places there’s an off leash hike called Runyon Canyon that you can just go and take them and it’s about an hour, maybe forty five minute hike and we do that, we run outside a lot. She loves the ocean so I take her to the dog beach whenever I can. She just, it’s just is enough to bring tears to your eyes. She just pounds into that ocean water headfirst and dives into the waves and it’s just fantastic.

Arden Moore: Do you go to the one in Huntington Beach or do you go in L.A

Katie Amanda Keane: You know we go to Long Beach, which is just a little more ghetto, but it suits us much more so.

Arden Moore: Well I go to Long Beach so I know that area so I wasn’t sure which dog beach you and Georgie go to.

Katie Amanda Keane: Okay. And by ghetto I mean that in the best possible way. I love it at Long Beach because it’s much more kind of feral, it’s much more kind of closed, there’s a lot more dogs in a smaller area and Georgie does better with that. You know Huntington is really wide spread out and I think she gets a little overwhelmed. So yeah we love the Long Beach one, love it.

Arden Moore: Now you said you met some Best Friends and for our listeners I just wanted to clarify we’re speaking of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary that’s based in Utah. And I heard you also; you like to do work for the West Side German Sheppard rescue, correct?

Katie Amanda Keane: Yeah before I started working on this show I was trying to walk dogs on weekends for them and I was trying to help out but I’ve gotten to busy I haven’t done that lately, but the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary I jut adore them and I try to sponsor animals as gifts which is something I totally recommend people doing is when you have that person that you really don’t know what to get them that you go on the Best Friend website and you can find a dog or any animal that kinda fits that person and you can sponsor them in that animal’s name. And it just really a great way to give a gift and also help out an animal at the same time.

Arden Moore: So it’s sort of like a you don’t have to, your friend doesn’t have to pick up the poop or anything and you get to give a better life for this dog until the dog gets adopted, correct?

Katie Amanda Keane: Exactly, exactly.

Arden Moore: It’s a gift.

Katie Amanda Keane: Yeah, so I recommend

Arden Moore: I like that name a star for somebody, you know where they have, you know the whole program where you can name a star after someone?
Katie Amanda Keane: Yeah yeah

Arden Moore: I think doing it for the pets; I don’t know it seems more beneficial.
Katie Amanda Keane: Yes, sponsor a dog, it’s really incredible.

Arden Moore: Yeah skip the stars, skip the stars, sponsor a dog.
Katie Amanda Keane: There ya go; yeah that’s our slogan.

Arden Moore: We have a little slogan there now. I love it.

Katie Amanda Keane: You and me let’s do it.

Arden Moore: Alright, hey speaking of you and me, oh my Gosh I was checking you out and I do like, I’m in love with Mark Harmon, I think he’s just a great film actor, and I saw the little snippet of you and one of your guest appearances where you were beating the you know what out of some lady, protect your child, in a courthouse.

Katie Amanda Keane: That’s right

Arden Moore: You have quite the rage, I’m not going to take you on. You’ve got that 100-pound dog and you can, you know show a little muscle in your acting.
Katie Amanda Keane: Yeah I can kick some, I can. Mark Harmon incidentally is the sweetest man on the planet. He was so lovely to work with and I had a great time on that show. Yeah it’s fun, you know I love doing everything. People always ask do you like comedy or drama, I love the butt kicking scene, I love to get physical, I love to really, you know cap on the dramatic stuff. But I have to say I have never had more fun if I can bring it back to Ruby and the Rockits. I have never had more fun doing this show, or doing a show than I am on this show right now. You know, I know a lot of people say that a lot of sitcoms have stuff for the parents and for the kids but this one really does. It has such adult humor and yet the two teenagers on the show, the kids just, I mean every girl is going to fall in love with my teenage son and every girl is going to want to be Ruby. I mean they’re just phenomenal. Alexa Vega, Austen Butler, the Cassidy brothers, and we have the most amazing writing staff. We have the people from you know Will & Grace, and Just Shoot Me. So it’s just, it’s just a joy to be on it, and I just think it’s really funny. So I hope people check it out and we’re on Tuesday nights at 8:30 on ABC family.

Arden Moore: So that’s what we’re gonna be doing, we’re gonna be talking with you Katie, we’re talking to Katie Keane from the hit show on ABC family, it’s called Ruby and the Rockits right after we pay for this show by taking this commercial break. So take a break, we’ll be right back.

Arden Moore: Welcome back to the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio. I’m your host

Arden Moore. Katie Amanda Keane is here and we were just getting into the whole Ruby and the Rockits show that is on Tuesday nights at 8:30 for all those who live on the East Coast and the Pacific Side, 7:30 for all you Midwesterners. Let’s talk a little bit, you play Audie Gallagher and kinda give a little snippet, because I know the first episode aired in late July so I want everybody to run over and boost up your ratings. So talk about the show what it’s all about, who the heck is Ruby?

Katie Amanda Keane: Definitely, well it’s basically loosely based on the Cassidy brothers’ kind of life. I mean in a nutshell what happens is Patrick and David were this 80s rock band they were really successful, they split. David went on to continue trying to be a rock star, and Patrick bought a car dealership, we got married and had some beautiful kids. David shows up and says, ‘hey guys I’m in town playing this Indian Casino, by the way here’s my daughter Ruby who I just met two days ago can she live with you while I go be a rock star?’ And we of course all go ‘Oh David’; again with you know his whole irresponsible shenanigans. So we agree to take Ruby in, she turns out to be this amazing beautiful talented sweet girl. And you know it’s really about how not, it’s not about how we’re trying to make David the perfect dad or make a perfect family, its really kind of a comment about how families today are all shapes and sizes. Some of them are really screwed up and you know what? You just, you work with what you have. And sometimes that’s even better than trying to make some kind of ideal version of a family that doesn’t exist. And that’s what we come to find out. It’s like hey this is our family, we got some issues, but we’re working through them and we’re loving each other and we’re laughing. And you know it’s good, so each episode obviously gets more and more into character development and relationships and different crazy situations, because that’s the basic storyline.

Arden Moore: Okay, well I think it’s a good one and you’ve got some talented cast members. I mean Alex is of all the people, she is on the, I’m trying to remember the trilogy with…

Katie Amanda Keane: Spy Kids

Arden Moore: Yes, Spy Kids

Katie Amanda Keane: Yeah she’s amazing

Arden Moore: I think people will recognize her there, and your two sons too, they have really good comedic timing, I was watching an episode about the car that really, GM whatever fuel car.

Katie Amanda Keane: Right, right.

Arden Moore: So they do have good comedic timing which is great.

Katie Amanda Keane: Oh they’re great, yeah, they’re fantastic. I mean we really, every once in awhile you work on a show where you kind of feel like all the stars align a little bit. And it’s something you can’t really plan for, you just hope that they do where everyone has chemistry, they get along, and the scripts are good, and all that stuff kind of lines up and it’s like wow we’re really lucky here. We hit it, and we really want to keep going. And on that note I hate to cut it short but I actually have to run back to the set I’m just on my quick lunch break and they’re expecting me back really shortly now. So I have to go make…

Arden Moore: Okay we’ll wrap it up really quickly and I do wanna let the audience know that your major weakness is not chocolate it’s karaoke.

Katie Amanda Keane: It is karaoke, I’m actually going to a karaoke party tomorrow night and I can’t wait I’m going to like make a total fool of myself and love every minute of it.

Arden Moore: Well I think you’d have a duet if you did Georgie to start howling with you as your backup probably.

Katie Amanda Keane: You know what, we do that. Can I confess that to you? I’ve never confessed that at an interview before but we, when we drive around town and the ambulances, the fire engines go by, we’ll start like, this is so embarrassing, I will howl with her, we’ll howl together. It’s like our little bonding, like a part of a pack or something, and I will sit in my car and I will howl with my dog. And I can’t tell you how much joy that bring me, and I just shared it probably with way too many people.

Arden Moore: Hey I thought I heard you on interstate five when I was in L.A. recently. You know, you and Georgie can carry quite a good tune.

Katie Amanda Keane: Well we, we work on it in our spare time. I know it’s a, it’s a little bit of an embarrassing thing to admit but, I don’t know, I don’t even know how we discovered that we, that we did it together. But I think one day I heard her howling and I thought it was the sweetest, cutest thing ever so I tried to get her to do it, you know more often. So I would kinda start howling to get her going and then it just kinda became a thing. So yeah there you go.

Arden Moore: Well you know I know on Ruby and that Rockits you guys have got a lot of vocalizations there so I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have a howlywood guest coming on with Georgie can do a canine cameo appearance right?

Katie Amanda Keane: Oh man, if she was more well behaved I would take her on the set. I mean don’t get me wrong I love my girl but she is definitely a strong independent woman and I think she would go a little berserk on a movie set.

Arden Moore: Well, you’re on the Oh Behave show so this is all appropriate, that’s okay tell Georgie, that’s fine.

Katie Amanda Keane: Okay

Arden Moore: I wanted to tell you, I love the show, I did catch all three episodes on tuning in on ABC family, that’s, let me make sure to get the times right because I’m in California, it’s 8:30 on Eastern and Pacific and 7:30 central, is that correct?

Katie Amanda Keane: Yes, that is correct. And I know there’s been some weird deal if you have a certain kind of DirecTV, some crazy weekend I think it was coming on at like 5:30, but just, yeah the times are 8:30 on the Coast and 7:30 Central, but just check your listings and make sure that that’s when it is. That you’re recording at the right time or you’re tuning in live at the right time so…

Arden Moore: Yeah because we want this show to be renewed and I have to tell you I think, David Cassidy does a great job of poking fun at himself. I mean I was pretty surprised to see he really does play a full tilt on this character of this aging rock star that is sort of coolest when it comes to his daughter and his family right?

Katie Amanda Keane: Yeah I mean he, I have to tell you I couldn’t be working with a better group of people just in terms of like not only their sense of humor about themselves but just their everyday kind of on set personalities I mean you know when you have this many personalities working together on a show and everyone obviously is a very big personality, you know you never know if everyone is going to kind of get along and I couldn’t be more like, blessed and grateful to be working with this group, we all just kind of, make it work; and it’s been a dream it feels like a family on set and it’s just incredible but yes, they have a great sense of humor about poking fun at themselves. As we all have to, right? You know?

Arden Moore: Yeah absolutely, Alexa is Ruby, what a great voice but the two boys Jordan and Curtis, Austen and Ben, are major goofballs and seemingly have comedic timing so I have a feeling we’re going to see more of them too.

Katie Amanda Keane: Definitely, and Austen actually just had a movie come out a couple weekends ago? Something called, Aliens in the Attic.

Arden Moore: Oh okay I saw the preview, yeah, yeah okay.

Katie Amanda Keane: Yeah, yeah so I think that everybody is just at a really good phase right now and hopefully we can keep this momentum going.

Arden Moore: Okay and this is sort of a pet show so I wanted to say before we give you a big paws and applause, anything you like to add about either things that you’ve learned from your dog Georgie that, helping you become such a great person on screen as well as off. Is there anything, lessons on life, Georgie has taught you that you care to share with the rest of our listeners?

Katie Amanda Keane: Oh you know I think you touched on it earlier I think it teaches you humor about yourself and about life in general. You know there is nothing that cracks me up more than my sweet majestic dog who is like you know just very regal large peasant and he is so graceful and yet she’ll finish a big meal and she’ll come up right in my face and I think she’s gonna give me a kiss and she just belches like totally loud right in my face, and I have to say nothing kills me more. I think it’s just the most hysterical thing and I just look at that face and fall more in love with her. And the other thing too is I think I’m used to, and I still have some control issues I’m not gonna kid you here Arden, but Georgie has really taught me to let go of a lot of things in terms of my house and I’m definitely a clean person but you know after you’ve had shoes and purses and the occasional bookshelf and random rugs destroyed at the end of the day you just kinda realize that it’s just stuff and it really connects with letting go and realizing what’s important in life and she does that for me on a daily basis.
Arden Moore: Oh, that’s good, I’m really glad to hear that you realize that our dogs are both our interior decorators as well as our best pals.

Katie Amanda Keane: Right

Arden Moore: Anyway I wanted to let everybody know we’re listening to Katie Keane and she is one of the stars on the new show Ruby and the Rockits, not rockets, Rockits.

Katie Amanda Keane: That’s right.

Arden Moore: and it’s on ABC family I want to enunciate that clearly. You’ve also seen her on NCIS, and a ton of other shows. She can play the whole gamete from scare you our of your sneakers to make you blow snot through your nose from laughing, and that’s now. And she loves and digs pets so we are very happy she is on our show. Any other final shout outs before we let you get back to taping the show?

Katie Amanda Keane: No I’d love to come on again and keep you posted on how Georgie and I are doing so thanks so much for having me.

Arden Moore: Well we were very honored to have you as a guest and at this time I also want to give a shout out to my cool producer Mark Winter, he makes this show happen each and every week. And check out more by going to the Petlife Radio dot come. And you’ll see all my other buddies that have other shows on our fur and winged networks. We have tons of things if you like snakes if you like cats if you like dogs, and if you did two leggers like us too that’d be great. So until next time this is your flea free host, Arden Moore delivering just two words to all you two, three, and four leggers out there, Oh Behave!



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