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Time to Play Santa Paws for Your Cats and Dogs


Make this a cool yule, a happy Hanukkah and a krazy Kawanza by remembering to include your favorite pet on your gift list. Stomped for ideas? No worries. Host Arden Moore: visits The Muttropolis – a grrr-eat pet boutique in Solana Beach, Calif. and solicits the aid of pet-loving “elf” Dana Humphrey: from Muttropolis to showcase some pawsitively purr-fect products sure to put the wag in your dog’s tail and the purr in your cat this holiday season. We cover it all – from the fun and functional to the bargain-priced and extravagant. Don’t be naughty – reward your nice pets by tuning in.

Bulb Tough Toy at The MutttropolisThe Furminator


Announcer: The shaggy dog, baby! It’s Shagadelic! This is the place to find out how to achieve harmony in the household with your pets. Yeah! Peace, harmony, pet power! Holy Shitzu, baby! You’ll learn how to keep your pets from chewing your shoes or eating your cat. It’s all about relationships, Baby. You and your pet….pet. So tune in, turn on and get ready for the positively grooviest pet pod cast on the planet. Ooh, that’s a that’s a lot of p’s baby.

Announcer: What’s this show called?

Austin: Oh, behave!

Announcer: No, really, what’s this show called?

Austin: Oh, behave! With your shagadellic host, Arden Moore:. What’s happening, Arden? Yeah, baby. Yeah, yeah, you can tell it’s you.

Arden Moore:: Welcome to “Oh, Behave!” on Pet life Radio. I’m your host, Arden Moore:. Today we have a special treat for all those nice doggies and kitties out there. We have a special guest she is Dana Humphries. She is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for The Muttropolis, which is a store that is dubbed a utopia for pets and their parents. They have five stores in three states: California, Arizona and Colorado and they are growing as fast as a Labrador retriever. Today we’re going to be shopping for our pets and talking about some cool gifts for not only the cool Yule and Chanukah and Kwanzaa, but all year long. We’ll be right back after these messages.
Austin Powers: Would you like to go out? [dog barks eagerly] I was talking to your owner. I meant owner On a date, baby. You and me. Oh Behave! Will be right back after these groovy shagadellic messages. Yeah.


Announcer: Let’s talk pets

Austin: Put that switch back on, baby. Yeah. So let’s talk pets with our smashing host, Pet Educator, Arden Moore: and the groovy show that’s cool, baby , shagadellic. Oh, Behave!

Arden Moore:: Welcome back to Oh, Behave! I’m your host, Arden Moore:. Today it’s all about shopping. Our guest today is Dana Humphrey:. She is the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for The Muttropolis Stores and she is going to be my elf for us to help. I guess I’m Santa Paws. Okay, bad one. [Laughs] We promise not to wrrck the halls with paws of folly in this pursuit of shopping for our dogs and cats. Because, guess what folks, we’re not the only one shopping for our pets, 56% of dog owners last year gave gifts for their avorite pooch. 42% of cat owners did the same for their feline friends. In total we have 71 million American homes that have pets. That’s 90 million cats, 70 million dogs and they love to get toys. Dana, welcome to the show.

Dana Humphrey:: Thanks Arden.

Arden Moore:: It’s great to have you here. So what do you want to talk about? We’re in this toy, treat, bed paradise. If I had a tail or I could purr, I’d be “Yeah, baby, bring it on!” The nice thing about your store is you got them from all different manufacturers so we’re going to have a little fun. We’re going to go all over, we’re not just going strictly all dog toys and all products. And lets go all cat toys. We’re going to do it all. We’re gong to mix it up.

Dana Humphrey:: That’s right

Arden Moore::  Lets’ do some from some of the very pricey to the bargain ones. What do you want to start with, Dana?

Dana Humphrey: :  Lets start with something that is functional, fun for someone in your life that has a pet. There are so many Americans with pets at home. Something that’s a great gift or great for your pet is the Gulpie [sp]. It’s a water dispenser. It’s actually like a water bottle and it just folds open with a little tray.

Arden Moore::  Oh, it’s plastic!

Dana Humphrey: Yeah. It’s good for hiking or bike rides or getting outside with your pet.

Arden Moore::  Yeah, that’s very good and even if you’re in the cool weather, dogs do need to keep hydrated, right? Dogs definitely need water even in the colder times.
Arden Moore::  Okay. And what’s something like that go for?

This one is $10.99.

Arden Moore::  Hey, that’s not so bad.

Fun gift on the go.

Arden Moore::  Yeah, yeah. And make sure the folks who use really good bottled water, because you don’t want your dog to get an upset tummy.


Arden Moore::  All right, coming up next in the lineup. Something else that’s good during the cold weather especially is when your pet is walking on ice or snow or just really cold sidewalks, the paws can become cracked and dry.

Ooh. So we recommend an all natural Paw balm, moisturizing cocoa butter and shea butter and just really soothing for their paws if they do get cracked. Okay. Also can also try wearing booties to protect their feet…

Arden Moore: You or the dog?

Both. [laughs]

Arden Moore: I’d be barefoot out there. And the balm is nice. People don’t realize that when you are cleaning your sidewalks you sometimes put salt down, too. That’s irritating as well.

Dana Humphrey: Absolutely.

Arden Moore: Right. Wow! It smells good too. Hey, this is smell radio everybody. Take a sniff. Okay.

Dana Humphrey: Scratch and sniff.[laughs]

Arden Moore: Which just seems to be a cat’s motto in life. All right, what else do we got here?

Dana Humphrey: Well, something else that’s fun for a cat and it’s also really functional when fabulous furniture for your home is the lotus tree that’s made by the Fine Feline.

Arden Moore: So you can be one with your feline in the lotus position, or what are you talking about here?

Dana Humphrey: It’s actually a very tall piece of furniture. It’s about eight feet tall. And it has a fun little cubby for you cat to hide away. The cat can scratch on it. Lounge on it. If you have dogs in the house, it’s kind of a little private getaway for them.

Arden Moore: Oh, so it’s the ultimate in like Fen Shui?

Dana Humphrey: Exactly [laughs]

Arden Moore: All right.

Dana Humphrey: Very Fen Shui.

Arden Moore: How much do one of those little puppies go for?

Dana Humphrey: hose ones are about $300.

Arden Moore: Okay, but the nice thing is that it really adds to the décor. It doesn’t make your house look like a cat house.

Dana Humphrey: Exactly. It’s very nice wood.

Arden Moore: And.. What are some…It has different levels.

Dana Humphrey: The thing that’s cool is that you can put your cat feed up there if you have dogs in the house who don’t grab the cat’s food.

Arden Moore: Okay, that’s a very good idea. And all the noises you hear in the background are busy shoppers getting their toys, treats and accessories at the Muttropolis. We’re actually in the store in Selina Beach California. So you’ll be hearing some noise in the background, very happy customers. Some are drooling. Oh, and they’re not even the dogs! Oh, okay. That’s all right. But any ways with this thing what is also important is you know if cats had a choice of being in a bowling alley or in a telephone booth living, they would take the telephone booth. They like vertical. It seems like this piece of furniture the Lotus Tree is a great idea. From the animal behavior standpoint, I got to tell you cats are all about vertical and many layers and it gives them a chance to look out the window, right?

Dana Humphrey: :  Yeah, definitely.

Arden Moore: They can be nosy nellies. Because they like to do that. All right. My two cats, Callie and Murphy, whenever I get out the gifts. Tipper and Cleo, my two dogs are like, “yeah, baby, bring it on!” We love the gifts! [Laughing] And I think that Callie and Murphy have a secretly like the gifts, too, but they have feline dignity. So they are not going to do handstands. They do

Dana Humphrey: The cats are often forgotten.


Arden Moore: You got to get something for the kitty in your house, too.
Arden Moore: Yeah. I agree. So that sounds like a wonderful gift that not only looks nice but has many purposes and you actually have harmony in the household with your dog and your cat. Okay, awesome. Thanks Dana.

Dana Humphrey: Great for the pet parent who has it all, too

Arden Moore: Okay

Dana Humphrey: You don’t know what to get the parent that has everything, definitely get something for the dog or cat at home.

Arden Moore:: Okay. So what else have we got?

Dana Humphrey: Well, I think it’s fun when go out, maybe you are going to a Christmas party or going to work and your pets are left at home [xx] They get bored. They miss you. And to keep them entertained is video catnip and our dog on television.
Arden Moore: Oh, my gosh. All right. Let me look at these. Video Catnip, the original Video Catnip, 90 minutes of extra footage? Thousands of Cats have enjoyed the Video Catnip. They have some testimonials from these cats. One named Pepper says, “ Bring on the squirrels.” Jane says, “I’m afraid. It’s something you humans just wouldn’t understand.” Wanda, looks like another tabby says, “Almost wants one want to go outside. Almost. Lets watch it again.” You know, this video is a good thing. I’m really a big fan of having cats be indoors, but I don’t want them to be indoors and be bored. So tell me a little bit about from the cat’s perspective why this is a good thing to consider?
Dana Humphrey: t’s really not for every cat, but the cat that can pay attention, there’s fun bird sounds, there’s squirrels, it’s actually as if the cat were outside.

Arden Moore:: Wow

Dana Humphrey: Bringing the outdoors in.
Dana Humphrey:  It’s  for them to do when you are gone for a couple hours.

Arden Moore:: Does it go continuously?

Dana Humphrey: Yes, you can definitely have it loop so he can watch it over and over again.

Arden Moore: Cause it says right now it is one hour and 55 minutes but you can put it on a loop and then I guess it’s…..would it be rated “FG”? Feline Great? [laughing]

Dana Humphrey: Absolutely.

Arden Moore: I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning. This is very nice for the cats, do you want to talk about the dog version?

Dana Humphrey: The dog version is fun, too. The dog version is actually more of a dog park. You have lots of dogs running around and barking. I’ve seen dogs watch this and they love it. WE actually have it playing in our store right now.

Arden Moore: Oh, my gosh! It looks great!

Dana Humphrey: It gets paws up approval from some very furr worthy groups like the American Kennel Club. Says when you can’t take your dog  to the park, take the park to the dog. Linda Blair, the actress, the Exorcist, but she is also very well known as a pet advocatet, said Dog on Television is the perfect babysitter for any dog. It gets an A+ in my book. You know, I think both of these are very good because believe or not, you probably know, Dana. Dogs and cats can also get separation anxiety being home alone. And having some videos and noise to give them a chance to get mentally stimulated might help you from your couch SOS, Save your Sofa. And keep the dog from chewing through your drywall.

Dana Humphrey:  Give them something to do.

Arden Moore: They need something to do, right?  We are talking to Dana Humphrie. She is the cool gal that joined me from the Muttropolis. The Muttropolis has stores in three states, five stores, right?

Dana Humphrey: Right

Arden Moore: California, Arizona and Colorado and guess what, folks? They have plans to expand more so there will be some in your own neighborhood. Everything that we profile on this show today you can find…help us out Dana….

Dana Humphrey:  At You find all kinds of fun kinds of goodies on there for your pets, for gifts, for whatever y ou might needs.

Arden Moore: That sounds great. And these two videos…what’s the price on them?

Dana Humphrey: :  These run for $20.

Arden Moore: Awesome. That’s great and it has a lot of long life, right?

Dana Humphrey: Yep.

Arden Moore: I bet it looks great in high def. [laughs]
Arden Moore:: Cats don’t see really well up close, but they see movement. I’m sure they see a squirrel go flying across the screen.

Dana Humphrey: They’ll notice it.

Arden Moore:: Yeah. Just make sure your television is very sturdy or well situated

Dana Humphrey: so it won’t get attacked.

Arden Moore: okay, what else is in the lineup?

Dana Humphrey: Here we have the kitty babble ball, which is really fun.

Arden Moore: Describe it for our listeners if you would.

Dana Humphrey: It’s a small ball. It is definitely another interactive toy to give your pet when you leave for a couple of hours.

Arden Moore: Okay

Dana Humphrey: o keep them entertained. I’ll give you a little sample what it sounds like.

Arden Moore: Okay, here we go. [cute little sounds]
Arden Moore:: h, my gosh. Do it again. [more toy like sounds]
Arden Moore: That was really the toy. It wasn’t Dana doing a toy voice over. Although she has many talents.

Arden Moore: you know what? I would love that. I could just see you going down in a really quiet place and all of a sudden you hear that noise. This is made out of a plastic?

Dana Humphrey: :  A hard plastic.

Arden Moore: Yeah.
Arden Moore: It’s very durable and it has a battery or something inside.

Dana Humphrey: :  A battery inside. The cool thing about this is that it starts when it is touched. So maybe kitty runs into it or…

Arden Moore: Yeah.

Dana Humphrey: Or knocks it around and it will start making noises and talking and [xx] by it.

Arden Moore: Oh, that’s a great idea. And it’s called again…

Dana Humphrey: This is the Kitty Babble Ball and it turns off when the movement stops.

Arden Moore: Thank goodness.

Dana Humphrey: So it’s not running all the time.

Arden Moore: Maybe make sure that you pick this toy up before you go to bed cause, you know, cats like to hang out at dawn and dusk and in the middle of the night they like to be active. This would probably be a good toy to pick up and then present in the morning again.

Dana Humphrey: Exactly.

Arden Moore: Great one. And that one’s pretty reasonable, right?

Dana Humphrey: Yes, that one’s $10.99.

Arden Moore: $10.99 folks. Your cats deserve it.

Dana Humphrey: Lets see what other fun stuff we have here.

Arden Moore: We got some things for the health aspect of our pets. Okay.

Dana Humphrey: Something here made by Grandma Lucy’s is the vitamin balls. You know dogs love treats. It’s amazing you have some dogs that are very finicky and picky. We have tested this out in our office and pretty much every dog loves this.

Arden Moore: Okay

Dana Humphrey: It’s called Grandma Lucy’s Vitamin Balls.

Arden Moore: I hope she’s not going to make me eat one…

Dana Humphrey: No. We don’t want to eat one of these, but..

Arden Moore: It’s hermetically sealed.

Dana Humphrey: It’s a small crunchy ball and has all kinds of vitamins.

Arden Moore: Here’s the best thing I like Cause, folks you know I have written the Real Food for Dogs books and I pay attention to nutrition. The very first ingredient is USDA approved chicken. That’s very important, folks. The very first ingredient should be a real meat, followed by oats, potatoes, carrots, green beans, egg, garlic and parsley. I’m talking real food, not fillers not byproducts. It actually contains about 20% protein, which for dog treats is excellent. It is a multivitamin and I guess …

Dana Humphrey:: It’s wheat free as well

Arden Moore::   Yes, yes. Unfortunately with the pet food recall the only good thing that came out of it all was it makes people a little more conscious of reading the back of the label for their pets. Because what you put in their belly goes a long way towards their health. So, one vitamin meatball a day will keep the vet away. [Laughs] Hopefully.

Dana Humphrey:  Something else. I know there has been a lot of concern lately with treats made in China or toys made in China. This treat in particular is made in the USA and we definately support treats that are made here domestically just to avoid any potential problems.

Arden Moore: Okay. We are talking with Dana Humphrey:. She is with Muttropolis. She is the Marketing Director and Public Relations Director for this chain of stores that are in three states and growing and we’re going to continue with our cool shopping for the holidays and all year round for our dogs and cats right after these messages.


Austin Powers: would you like to go out? [dog eagerly panting] Actually I was talking to your owner. I meant on a date, baby. You and me. Oh! Behave will be right back after these groovy, shagadellic messages. Oh, yeah.


Austin Powers: Put the switch back on, baby. Yeah. So let’s talk pets with our smashing host, pet educator, Arden Moore: and the groovy show that’s cool, baby. Really shagadellic. Oh, Behave!

Arden Moore: Arden: Welcome back to the Oh Behave Show I’m your host Arden Moore. Today we are in Salina Beach California. It is a nice, cool, crisp, what would you say, about 63 degrees?

Dana Humphrey:   Yes, definitely in the sixties. It’s what airplane pilots love. It’s severe clear out there. We are inside the store which is why you can hear some background noises. We got some shoppers going with their dogs…
Dana Humphrey:: Their four-legged friends

Arden Moore:  Yeah. And we’re with Dana Humphrie and we’re doing a little shopping. The thing about holidays is safety, too. And a lot of folks may be putting up a Christmas tree and one tactic I let people know is, take a little bit of orange peel or grapefruit peel and put that around the Christmas tree because cats and dogs aren’t really big fans of citrus. Make sure you keep the water around the tree covered, because that could really upset a dog or cat’s stomach. What are the other kind of holiday tips that you would give for safety for our dogs and cats?

Dana Humphrey: There are a few plants out there that are very seasonal like poinsettias and mistletoe and holly. Those are actually very dangerous and poisonous for dogs. Try to keep them out of their reach. And if they do happen to ingest them, definitely call your vet right away or call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline.

Arden Moore:: Go ahead and give that number, Dana.

Dana Humphrey:  Go ahead and write this down. It’s 1-888-426-4435. That’s the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Hotline. They are open 24 hours a day if your pet happens to munch on some poinsettias, definitely try to prevent that, but if it does happen that’s a good one to call.

Arden Moore: Also I think too, we want to put presents under the tree. I remember one time I put an organic catnip filled toy and my cat Callie had shredded it. So I always tell people, please, if you have a box of chocolate or some kind of a sweet treat that you want to give your Aunt Dot or whatever, don’t put that under the tree, right?

Dana Humphrey:  Don’t put it under the tree. Chocolate is very poisonous to dogs and can be deadly. It has theobromine [sp] in it that dog stomachs just can’t handle.

Arden Moore:: Cats either. Even though cats don’t really have quite a sweet tooth, they are very curious. So whatever you have under the tree that you think your little nosy kitty or dog could get into, don’t put that out until the day…you know, give it to them,..

Dana Humphrey:: Keep it out of reach.

Arden Moore:: Yeah. And I always tell people if you have this family heirloom ornament, don’t put it on the tree, put it in a nice display case, up and out of paws reach. What do you think Dana?

Dana Humphrey: That’s a rally good idea. We also recommend glass ornaments or sharp ornaments, don’t put them on the bottom of the tree. Put those higher up so the dog can’t interact with them and have a shard of glass around.

Arden Moore:: That’s good. There’s actually a MacGiver tip I can give about Christmas trees. A friend of mine taught me to take fishing line and put two hooks in the ceiling about your tree and hook the tree to there hooks, the reason being it gives it strength so the tree doesn’t topply over. Because all it takes it a cat going fast up a tree or a leaping Lab and goodbye tree, right?

Dana Humphrey:   That’s a great one

Arden Moore:   So, where people can’t really see it, you get your get your beautiful top-of-the-tree ornament, the star or whatever. No one even sees the fishing line it keeps it in place.

Arden Moore: Any game of tug of war can…

Dana Humphrey::  crazy and you don’t want your beautiful tree to knock over

Arden Moore: Yeah, it would be dog one, tree no. So we are continuing our shopping at the Muttropolis. We are talking to Dana Humphrey: and this looks pretty interesting. Describe this for our listeners.

Dana Humphrey:  The looks like a Christmas light bulb but it is actually made out of really tough material that your dog can chew on.

Arden Moore: Okay.

Dana Humphrey: :  It’s a treat dispensing toy. You can put peanut butter or kibble in here and

Arden Moore: It’s very pliable. I’m holding it right now and it’s like on of those things that you get when you need to fight your stress. You know, you give it a squeeze. It’s shaped like a beautiful red Christmas bulb and it has a hint of mint.

Dana Humphrey:   That’s my favorite part, you know, there’s a lot of dogs out there with not so fresh breath.


Dana Humphrey: :  When they chew on this it makes their breath more minty fresh.

Arden Moore: Oh, that’s great and then you can put the treats in there inside and it looks like it’s really easy to clean

Dana Humphrey: : It smells like candy canes. It’s really easy to clean.

Arden Moore: And then what’s the price on this?
This one is $13.00.
Arden Moore:: and the name of again for our shoppers?

Dana Humphrey: Its our Christmas Lightbulb Orby [sp] toy made by Planet Dog.

Arden Moore: Okay that sounds great. Wow. I’m in the Muttropolis heaven here.

Dana Humphrey: Something fun that you can put inside treat dispensing toys like Orby[sp] is our Granny’s Gingersnappers. This is our seasonal mutt munchers.

Arden Moore: Oh my gosh.

Dana Humphrey: And I enjoy eating them just as much as the dogs do.

Arden Moore: Confessing…

Dana Humphrey: They are [xx]

Arden Moore: Are you saying that you are a real chow hound, Dana?

Dana Humphrey: Maybe

Arden Moore: That’s okay. But she doesn’t look like a chow hound. Okay. So these are Gingersnappers and it says natural human grade ingredients, oven baked for munching pleasure. So that’s great, unbleached flour, that’s a good one.

Dana Humphrey: Yeah, we got oat flour in here. It’s just like an all-natural cookie. WE have shortening, eggs, and molasses, apple concentrate, ginger

Arden Moore: And guess what folks. I don’t see a lot of preservatives and all this. So you have to refrigerate once you…

Dana Humphrey: : Yeah.

Arden Moore: Okay good.

Dana Humphrey: You definitely want to refrigerate these. Don’t eat them all at once.

Arden Moore: Let’s not eat them all at once. Yeah.

Dana Humphrey: These are really tasty.

Arden Moore: Maybe Dana does, but we don’t know about the dogs. Okay, now you are holding something that is near and dear to my dog Chipper’s heart. I have a golden retriever/husky mix. For all of you out there you know what I am talking about.

Dana Humphrey: Sounds furry.

Arden Moore: Yeah I have the designer dog built for shedding. So what do you have here Dana?

Dana Humphrey: This is the ultimate deshedding tool. It’s the Furminator This thing is amazing. It has… if you just look here, it’s really once in a five minute brush down. You can get huge piles of hair.

Arden Moore: I can attest to that.

Dana Humphrey::  Even for long hair dogs, for shorthair dogs, it’s an amazing tool.

Arden Moore: It works for cats, too, right?

Dana Humphrey: Yes.

Arden Moore: It says here it reduces shedding up to 90% and it is good for both long and shorthaired dogs and cats and it’s sort of ergonomically designed. It’s a nice grip brush when you are brushing…you should always brush in the direction of your dog or cats’ coats, by the way. That’s the best way but I have used this and I gotta tell ya, it is great. In fact, my two cats, I have one by my balcony door and when they see it in my hand, they run. They know it’s brushing time. Oh my gosh. Hey, I hear a dog jingle.
Arden Moore:: Hey, what kind of dog is this?

Customer Craig: Jack Russell.

Arden Moore: Come over here for a second. We’re on a radio show called “Oh Behave!” on PetLife radio.

Craig: A little Chihuahua mix

Arden Moore:: What’s your name

Craig: Craig.

Arden Moore: Hey, Craig and what are your dogs’ names?

Craig: This dog is Joy and…

Arden Moore: Joy! And what kind of dog again?

Craig: It’s a Jack Russell and a Chihuahua.

Arden Moore::   A Jack Russell and a Chihuahua. Wow How old is your doggy?
Craig: She is two years old today.
Arden Moore: Joy. Perfect for the season. So what we’re doing is a show about shopping for your dog for the holidays. What kind of thing may joy get for Christmas that Joy doesn’t know? Close your ears Joy. I know you can’t hear your dog.
Craig:  Joy’s going to get a hooded jacket.
Arden Moore:: Stylin’, Joy.
Craig: She’s just getting some chews today for her birthday. Maybe a new collar today.
Arden Moore::  Happy birthday. How old?
Craig: Two
Arden Moore: Two, oh two as in two-riffic! Thank you, Joy. Thank you very much. They’re flooding in here at the store, getting gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Now, we got to see what else you got here.
Dana Humphrey::Here’s gift that gives back.
Arden Moore: Good.
Dana Humphrey::  This is by Hot Diggedy Dog. It’s the Pupperazzi series and there are some fun characters here. We have Pomeranian Anderson.
Arden Moore: Pomeranian Anderson! That sounds like Pamela Anderson.
Dana Humphrey: And we have Rosie O’Dogle.
Arden Moore: Oh my gosh.
Dana Humphrey::  These are squeaky.
Arden Moore: Okay and so you say that this is a gift that gives back again? This is made by who again?
Dana Humphrey: Hot Diggedy Dog.
Arden Moore: So how do they give back?
T Dana Humphrey: hey’re really funny, but the best part about them is your dog will love them and 50 cents from every toy sold, a little donation, benefits an organization called Help –a-Dog-Live-Another-Day.
Arden Moore: Oh, great. So they give 50 cents from every toy goes to  help organizations that get dogs out of high kill shelters.
Arden Moore::  Oh, really.
Dana Humphrey::  We are carrying these and we support the cause..
Arden Moore: So they have all different mock names of celebrities. This is great. I’m game. This is the kind of pupparazzi kind of crusade I can partake in.
Dana Humphrey::  Maybe on the more natural side for the eco-friendly fido and fluffy, we have a kitty’s bumpers [sp] toys. These are really tough.
Arden Moore: Describe it to people.
Dana Humphrey: See, it’s has a handle and it’s a long and skinny tube. It’s actually made of recycled fire hose.
Arden Moore: Oh, my gosh.
Dana Humphrey: From firefighters and this is Sweeky 2.
Arden Moore: So do dalmations find a natural affinity or what?
Dana Humphrey: This is the perfect gift for a dalmation.
Arden Moore: You know, it looks really chewo tough for people who have dogs that like to play tug. I always let people know that you got to win the tug of war contest too sometimes and do the drop and leave it command. That way it becomes a fun game for your dog. But it’s called Katie’s Bumpers and looks like this one is $14.00.
Dana Humphrey: These come in various sizes, too.
Arden Moore: Okay. And now were are going to keep going in our “Go Green” for the world movement. What do you have Dana?
Dana Humphrey::  Here we have a really a super cozy, it’s a fleece mat for your dog. It’s great to put inside their crate or in the car for traveling. It can roll up. The best thing about it is this one was made from 21.3 soda bottles. It is recycled from soda bottles.
O Arden Moore:: Oh my gosh.
Dana Humphrey: You would never know. Feel how soft this is.
Arden Moore: Oh, it’s great. What’s it called?
Dana Humphrey: This is the Ecomat, made by West Paw and this one is $60.
Arden Moore: It looks great. Instead of them filling up the land fills we going to able to put it to good paw use. It’s grrrr-reat.  And this one’s called..
Dana Humphrey: This one’s called machine washable. It’s easy to use. It’s durable. It’s made from recycled soda pop bottles.
Arden Moore::  We’re talking with Dana Humprey. She is at the Muttropolis Store at Salinas Beach. We are on a shopping spree for all  our dogs and kitties. It’s very nice to see in the world of pets that we are also being a little more conscious globally.
Dana Humphrey: Muttropolis is easy to go green. Something for your pet that it maybe more of a cuddler or snuggler that prefers a bolster edge when they are napping we have the bowsers dutchy bag here. The best thing about this it’s micro suade…
Arden Moore: Wow . It’s beautiful.
Dana Humphrey: Super luxurious and it’s completely machine washable.
Arden Moore: Yeah.
Dana Humphrey: The inside comes out. The outside bolster unzips. You can throw the whole thing in the washer. You can put it in the drier, you know, it’s…
Arden Moore: es
Dana Humphrey::  …..the life of any bed is going to be longer if you air dry it.
Arden Moore: Yeah. It’s better to air day  but yeah, I like that. A lot of people want to have fashion and function and if I’m thinking little Cleo would just curl up like that. It has high backs in it and they like to be able to curl up and feel that support on their backs. This is like the ultimate in creature comforts, okay, cool.
Dana Humphrey::  It’s great for senior pets, too. They sometimes need some extra support on their achy joints and gets them off the ground.
Arden Moor:   Excellent. What else you got? Oh, she’s wheeling in a big one here. Here comes an airplane.
Dana Humphrey::  This one is a personal favorite. It’s an all terrain Jeep pet stroller.
Arden Moore: Oh, my gosh.
Dana Humphrey::  It is… I have a senior pug, he’s 12 years old and sometimes he just can’t walk the distance. Walking down the street, but he still wants some fresh air. He still wants to get out…
Arden Moore: And he deserves to be out in the fresh air.
Dana Humphrey: eah, so this is great for senior pets. It is completely zips up so there is no way that your pet can get out.
Arden Moore: Oh, my gosh. It’s got a little mesh covering….
Dana Humphrey: A sunshade.
Arden Moore: A cupholder so you can put your beverage up on top. It’s almost like a child’s stroller made for dogs. This one in particular is a red and black look with a little gray. The wheels, my gosh. They look…Talk about the wheels.
Dana Humphrey: The wheels are probably about 18 inches in diameter and they can handle sandy trails. If you are going hiking or down to the beach or you got a little rough spot, this stroller can definitely handle it.
Arden Moore: And what’s the price on this puppy?
Dana Humphrey: This one’ s $199.
Arden Moore: Okay, we’re talking about the Pet yer Stroller?
Dana Humphrey::  All right it’s an all-terrain pet stroller so for you guys that like to go out and hike and your dog gets a little tired, make sure you bring that water bottle and ….
Dana Humphrey::  And there’s a little basket underneath to put all your goods in there, your treats and your water bottles…
Arden Moore: Oh, my gosh.\
Dana Humphrey::  Whatever you pet may need.
Arden Moore: Don’t tell Cleo. I’m in trouble now. That might be on the list.
Arden Moore: okay we have a few more items to go before we have to wrap up this show. We got some bling.
Dana Humphrey::  Something for the over-the-top fancy pet. This is our diamond dog’s collar.
Arden Moore:: It is stunning.
Dana Humphrey::It is very shiny. It is shimmering and glimmering. It is made with bridle quality leather and Sworofsky [sp]crystals.
Arden Moore:: Oh, my gosh.
Dana Humphrey:: Arden Moore: This one is black and gold. Very festive for the holidays.
Arden Moore:: It’s functional  jewelry.
Arden Moore: You know pets sometimes like to wear clothing that makes them stand out above other dogs. Yeah, this one’s beautiful. It’s really shiny.
Dana Humphrey::  This one runs for $200. We also have other options of different Sw crystal collars as well as Austrian crystals.
Arden Moore: Well, if you think about it the pet industry is about a 40 billion dollar industry. We spend more money on pets than we do on toys or treats. We’re almost neck and neck with how much is spent on air travel. I had no idea. With a couple more assessory items. What do you have, Dana?
Dana Humphrey: Here we have something fun for the holiday pet portraits.
Arden Moore: All right
Dana Humphrey: Let’s see, it’s like reindeer antlers.
Arden Moore: It looks like it would fit on their heads without slipping off easily.
Dana Humphrey: It’s like shake proof.
Arden Moore: It is
Dana Humphrey: It’s a head band with an elastic chin strap. Just slides over their head and it’s got these big goofy reindeer….
Arden Moore: A tip to you all when you putting on something for your dog. If you make a big whop out of it and give them a treat and talk in an upbeat voice and make them think they are marvelous, they are going to enjoy it.
Dana Humphrey: Exactly.
Arden Moore::  But if they do kind of say, uggg it’s not me, I’d prefer a really good kibble or a good treat or that all-terrain stroller…Read your dog’s reactions and if they are dancin’ and prancin’ and they really like it, then they are a dog that loves clothing, right?
Dana Humphrey: And this one’s only $5.
Arden Moore: It’s cute
Dana Humphrey: For the holiday parties. Little festive wear.
Arden Moore: Okay.
Dana Humphrey: Another festive wear that is a little more practical, we have the candy cane striped sweater. It’s really stretchy.
Arden Moore: It’s nice, yeah.
Dana Humphrey: Fitting is often a difficult challenge when you are trying to find something for your dog. You know you have your chest girth and the length of the dog and…every dog is shaped differently. This one is nice, it has a really stretchy neck. It runs for about $35.
Arden Moore: Okay. We’ve got time for two more cool items for shopping. What would you pick, Dana?
Dana Humphrey:  Okay, my favorite last minute gift is the bonton [sp].
Arden Moore:: The bonton[sp] okay
Dana Humphrey: :  [xx] style  This thing is like a little bone. It clips on to your leash with this little clip here and when you are running out of the house in the morning and you don’t have time to tie that bag onto the leash every morning. You got to find a bag and sometimes you forget you’re outside. Your dog goes…what do you do?
Arden Moore: Right
Dana Humphrey::  You just attach this thing on, you’re set. The tags are inside. You just pull out the bags that you need. It’s only about three inches. Doesn’t add any extra weight or anything to your leash. Then you just don’t have to think about it.
Arden Moore: And then you are being a good neighbor.
Dana Humphrey:: Exactly.
Arden Moore: And I always think it’s funny that we think, that dogs think we’re in charge. We’re the ones picking up their stuff. They’re not taking care of… I always wonder about that. They must have a little dog humor. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They think they run the show but look, they take care of us. What else do you have. The final item in the Santa Elf bag of goodies from the Muttropolis.
Dana Humphrey: Squeaky sushi set. This is hilarious.
Arden Moore: It’s not real sushi. That’s not good for our doggies.
Dana Humphrey: This one is mocky and tuna. They are really squeaky. This is for small dogs.
Arden Moore: They are made out of what… like a plush toy.
Dana Humphrey: Yes, it’s a plush toy. They are rally fun. They come in a little to go box.
Arden Moore: This looks like a California roll and what would you think this is?
Dana Humphrey: Maybe a little tuna snack.
Arden Moore: Tuna, tuna, yeah. Oh, my gosh.
Dana Humphrey: This is fun if you are going to a party.  A fun hostess gift.
Arden Moore: Yeah. People like to buy gifts for their pets but we have to keep their personalities in mind too. Well, folks we hope we gave you some great ideas to dash out to the Muttropolis and get some really good gift ideas for your dog and cat this year. They deserve to be part of the holidays and, you know what, make it the holidays all year round. I’m speaking with Dana Humphrey:  from the Muttropolis. Some other parting advice you would like to give our…or shopping folks.
Dana Humphrey: Yes, gifts are great for the holidays but definitely I didn’t mention all year around for their birthday . It’s fun to give them a little something to make them feel special. In February for Valentines’ Day, we have an annual Smooch-a-Pooch Party, which we always look forward to and the pets do as well. Where we have a kissing booth for the pets and..
Arden Moore: Oh, behave!! How again do we learn about the Muttropolis?
Dana Humphrey: Visit our website: and you can check out events and services near you. We have gentle dental, anesthesia free teeth cleaning. All kinds of fun events you can come to. If you are not in one of our states, maybe we’ll be coming there soon and until then you can shop online.
Arden Moore: Well thank you very much Dana for being on the show. You are listening to “Oh Behave!” on PetLife radio. I’m your host, Arden Moore:. We have talked about some great and perfect gifts for dogs and cats who are nice and sometimes a little playfully naughty, that’s okay. If you would like to learn more about our show today or get a transcript of this show, or any of the other shows on PetLife Radio, just go to and click on the show. Click on Oh Behave! If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for a show, please email me at . Until next time this is you flea free host, Arden Moore:, delivering just two words for all you two, three and four leggers out there. Oh Behave!
Austin Powers: There’s nothing like a shaggy dog, baby. They’re shagadellic. And this is the place to find out how to have harmony in the household with your pets. Oh yeah. So stop by our pad every week and get switched on baby. Switched on to the show that’s all about attitude. Oh Behave! With your groovy host pet educator, Arden Moore:. Yeah, baby. Yeah. Every week on demand on


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