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Director Geralyn Pezanoski Shares What Happened to Katrina Pets in Her New Movie, Mine

Geralyn Pezanoski  on Pet Life Radio ........

..Geralyn Pezanoski


When Hurricanes Katrina and Rita pounded the Gulf Coast, Mother Nature did more than level New Orleans. Far too many not only lost their homes, but their beloved pets. In the new, award-winning documentary called Mine, director/producer Geralyn Pezanoski chronicles the impact these storms had on the lives of residents, animal rescuers and those who adopted “Katrina” dogs and cats. This is one movie you must see with your pets. And, listen for the code words in this special episode of Oh Behave! to win a free copy of this movie. Send your answers directly to Oh Behave show host, Arden Moore at  

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