Dogs are Veterans Too

Robin Ganzert on Pet Life Radio

Robin celebrates Memorial Day by talking with two brave soldiers who served in Iraq along with their canine companions. Up first we feature Army Sgt. Chuck Shuck, who was the father of Military Working Dog Gabe, the 2012 American Hero Dog and Military Dog of the Year at the Hero Dog Awards. Next, she's joined by Sgt. Jason Bos, who recently had a dramatic, tearful reunion with his former partner, Military Working Dog Cila. You won't want to miss these two emotional interviews which detail the importance of dogs to our nation's military!


Army Sergeant First Class Charles Shuck

Sgt. Charles Shuck and his partner MWD Gabe, a former shelter dog who was given a second chance, served our country by completing more than 210 combat missions with 26 explosive and weapons finds in Iraq, saving countless lives. When off duty, Gabe gave his fellow soldiers a sense of comfort and relief. For his actions, Gabe took home not only the honor of the 2012 Military Dog of the Year at that year's Hero Dog Awards, but he was also named the 2012 American Hero Dog! Sadly, Gabe crossed the Rainbow Bridge in early 2013, and now Sgt. Shuck works diligently to help other dogs around the country get the second chance they deserve.


Army Sergeant Jason Bos

Sgt. Jason Bos and MWD Cila M389, a Labrador Retriever, searched for roadside bombs and hidden weapons caches during nearly 100 missions in Iraq, and screened sites for presidential visits across the U.S. After an injury caused him to return home, Sgt. Bos longed to see his canine companion once again. Upon learning of her upcoming retirement, he reached out to American Humane Association and Mission K9 Rescue, who helped bring her home on a flight from Germany to Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Their reunion at the airport made headlines around the world and showed the power of the human-animal bond.