A Happy Humane Holiday Season

Robin Ganzert on Pet Life Radio

Robin celebrates the holidays with a pair of special guests working to make a happy holiday season for kids and animals. First Robin is joined by Dr. Marion Garcia, American Humane Association’s new Chief Veterinary Officer. Dr. Garcia talks about the important work she will be doing, including helping to protect more than a billion animals on America’s farms and ranches. Next is Charleene Closshey, star of the new film An Evergreen Christmas, and who has a special dog rescue story for the holidays.


Charleene Closshey

Charleene Closshey is an American stage and screen actress, producer, musician, and composer. A classically-trained violinist, she has performed live with artists such as Josh Groban and Charlie Daniels. Closshey made her feature film debut in the 2012 thriller "A Thousand Cuts" and starred in her first feature length film in 2013 in “An Evergreen Christma”s alongside Robert Loggia and Naomi Judd, which will be releasing its DVD this winter and on Netflix.

Dr. Marion Garcia

Dr. Marion Garcia is American Humane Association’s Chief Veterinary Officer. In this key position she influences American Humane Association’s humane research, policy, and programs. Dr. Garcia's veterinary career has been primarily in the field of food animal medicine with extensive experience in the poultry industry. She has worked in key veterinary roles for major poultry and cattle producers and has presented many scholarly presentations, primarily on food animal health and the elimination of disease.