Meet the 2015 Hero Dogs: Part 2

Robin Ganzert on Pet Life Radio

The second episode in our four-part series begins with Lisa Phillips and MWD Rambo, the Military Dog category winner. Though he had to be medically retired from the Marines, Sgt. Rambo continues to have an inspiring career help veterans, kids, and more. Next, Keith Lynn is interviewed about his canine partner Glory, our Arson Dog of the Year. Glory’s powerful nose is a key tool in bringing criminals to justice.


Lisa Phillips and MWD Rambo

Sgt. Rambo served in the Marine Corps from January 2011-April 2012 as an explosive detection MWD based out of Cherry Point, N.C. While on active duty, Rambo conducted 994 hours of training and 622 missions on base and in his local community. Rambo was medically retired due to a left shoulder injury and was later adopted by Lisa Phillips. Rambo has gone on to be Alamo Honor Flight’s mascot, accompanying countless World War II veterans to Washington, D.C. Rambo is currently the mascot for Gizmo’s Gift, a Texas nonprofit that offers financial support to families who adopt a retired working dog. (Charity Partner: America’s VetDogs, the Veteran’s K-9 Corps)

Keith Lynn and Glory

Glory is a certified accelerant detection canine, trained to sniff out minute traces of hydrocarbon-based accelerants and combat the growing problem of intentionally set fires. While she and her partner Keith Lynn do the majority of their work around their home base in Beloit, Wisconsin, they are also called to investigate fires anywhere within the state, neighboring states, and around the country. Public education is also a large part of the job, and Glory and Keith visit schools, clubs, and organizations, to teach people about fire safety, fire prevention, and arson awareness. (Charity Partner: Project Paws Alive)