Meet the 2015 Hero Dogs: Part 4

Robin Ganzert on Pet Life Radio

It’s the conclusion of our four-part series interviewing all eight 2015 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards finalists. Richard Nash is our first guest, and his Therapy Dog category winner Hudson the Railroad Puppy has an amazing story of hope, redemption, and love. Our last, but most certainly not least, interview is with police officer Chris Alberini, whose furry partner K9 Dax is the winner of the Law Enforcement Dog category for his bravery and valor in the face of a dangerous situation.


Richard Nash and Hudson

At just three weeks old, Hudson and two of his siblings were found nailed to the railroad tracks in Albany, N.Y. and Hudson’s paw had been cut off. After several surgeries it was decided that Hudson was a great candidate for a prosthetic limb and Hudson became one of the first dogs in New York State to be fitted with a prosthetic paw. After being adopted, Hudson’s family knew he was special and could do great things and spread awareness about animal cruelty and so they had him trained to be a therapy dog. Now he visits schools, hospitals, and adult day care facilities, bringing smiles to everyone he meets and is changing hearts and minds about the pit bull breed one at a time. (Charity Partner: Hand in Paw)

Chris Alberini and K9 Dax

K9 Dax’s human partner Officer Chris Alberini, owes his life to this dog after Dax saved him from being shot by climbing into an attic where a suspect was hiding with a shotgun. Officer Alberini hoisted Dax into the attic, where he bit the suspect’s leg. Officer Alberini followed, carrying a flashlight and found Dax fighting with the suspect. When the man started reaching for a shotgun by his left side, Officer Alberini began fighting for the weapon and then drew his service weapon and shot the suspect twice. The man would have likely fired at Officer Alberini immediately if Dax had not gone into the attic first. Investigators later learned that the suspect had texted his attorney and girlfriend about killing police. (Charity Partner: K9s4COPS)