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Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life RadioMichelle Fern, host of Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life Radio

Michelle Fern

Flower Essences and Arenus

Flower Essences on Pet Life Radio........Arenus Health and Nutrition Products on Pet Life Radio

..Flower Essences .........................Arenus Health & Nutrition



This week Michelle Fern welcomes Stacey Small from Arenus Botanical Animal Flower Essences.   Animal Flower Essences are Behavior Modification in a Bottle!  Flower Essences have historically been used to balance and harmonize any emotional, psychological and spiritual states, these blends have been specifically formulated to deal with issues that large and small animals deal with.  they are easy to administer, safe to use during competition and will not conflict with any other protocols.  These blends are "Issue Specific" not animal specific. 

In the second segment Michelle speaks with Dr. Karen Wedekind, nutritionist and scientist with Novus, makers of Arenus Health and Nutrition Products for Horses and Companion Animals.  They understand that your horses, dogs, cats and birds are every bit as important as the rest of your family. That's why they gathered nutritionists, veterinarians, and other animal health experts to develop products that are safe and easy-to-use, helping you to keep your animal companions healthy, active, and vibrant. Their unique formulas holistically support many specific areas of your pet's health.  Tune in and find out what ACCLAIM means and how it can help your pets!

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