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Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life RadioMichelle Fern, host of Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life Radio

Michelle Fern

Pet King Brands and Wacky Walk’r

Pet King Brands on Pet Life Radio........Wacky Walk'r on Pet Life Radio

..Pet King Brands ..................................Wacky Walk'r



This week Michelle Fern chats with Pamela Bosco from Pet King Brands.  What began as a personal attempt in 1997 to find a solution to her dog's painful, recurring ear infections has become a significant business for Pamela Bosco, President of Pet King Brands, Inc. Since utilizing the natural healing properties of the Lactoperoxidase Enzyme System developed and patented by her brother Michael Pellico, the developer of Biotene® Dry Mouth Oral Care, she has helped thousands of veterinarians and pet parents provide safe, antibiotic-free relief for dogs and cats suffering from chronic ,recurring infections of the ears and skin. These critically acclaimed veterinary products are marketed under the ZYMOX 1.0% Hydrocortisone brand and have been used for serious skin and ear infections for over 10 years.

In the second segment Michelle welcomes Michael Young, creator of Wacky Walk’r.  Manufactured of 100% natural rubber tubing (same as used in the fitness industry), the Wacky Walk'r provides force-inhibiting flexibility, relieving kinetic stress on both the animal and the walker, offering a welcome relief from the "jerk" of traditional rigid leads. Lead is 3 foot and stretches to 6 foot. Small fits 6-12 lbs. Medium fits 13-24 lbs. Large fits 25-50 lbs. Extra Large fits 51-99 lbs.

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