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Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life RadioMichelle Fern, host of Best Bets for Pets on Pet Life Radio

Michelle Fern

Dog For Dog... You Buy One, They Give One

Rocky Kanaka Keever on Pet Life Radio..............Dog For Dog on Pet Life Radio

Rocky Kanaka Keever .....................Dog For Dog .


Michelle Fern welcomes Rocky Kanaka, President and Founder of DOG for DOG.  DOG for DOG is an all natural dog food  and treat company with a mission to help dogs in need. For every product they sell, they donate a product to a dog in need. They have an online community committed to enhancing the life of man’s best friend via proper nutrition. They strive each and every day to deliver the cleanest, most-nutrient rich dog treats  to dogs across the country, whether in cozy homes or waiting to be picked up at the local rescue shelter. Not only are these products developed with the specific needs of your specific dog in mind, but also for the dogs that are waiting to be adopted in local shelters or rescues.

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Rocky is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals.   Rocky loves potato chips, his dog flip and enjoys the simple life living on his boat in Marina Del Rey, California. Rocky was born in Hawaii and spent many of his years in Kansas City soaking up Jazz and eating

After graduating from Missouri State with a BA in Business Administration, Rocky moved to Los Angeles and had a successful corporate career at a technology company at a young age.  During that time, Rocky won an astonishing amount of awards in a short period of time breaking most company records. It was here that Rocky learned how to run a successful sales and service team. Quickly Rocky realized that this was what he wanted to do but with his own team, so he left to corporate world.

Rocky opened multiple pet stores in Los Angeles called The Dog Bakery (  It is here that Rocky learned how much he loved small business, community involvement and learned how important each and every customer is.  In fact many of Rocky’s first customers and initial hires are still workingwith him or are lifelong friends.

As President and Founder, Rocky wears many hats but says the success of DOG for DOG all boils down to working with one of the most passionate teams he has every seen.  “We all work longer hours, harder days and with more heart than we ever have before because we want to achieve a common goal..helping those in need”  He believes when you combine your passion with hard work, you are able to achieve things greater than yourself.

One of Rocky’s defining moments was falling in love with his dog Flip at the first DOG for DOG donation drop.  Rocky founded this company to help dogs in need but often says that in turn Flip helped him realize the true impact a for-cause company could have.  Rocky says he would not be where he is today without many people in his life that have mentored, coached and been a true friend in a times of need.



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