It's the Cat Tree Tray!

Elevate Your Cat's Eating Experience

Keeps your cat’s food off the floor and conveniently located on the cat tree! It’s the purrrrfect way to eat!

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Easily Attaches to your Cat Tree!

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Cat Tree Tray – 6-inch: $24.99  with stainless steel bowl: $34.99
Cat Tree Tray – 4-inch: $19.99  with stainless steel bowl: $29.99

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Keeps the Food Off the Floor

Out of your dog's reach!

Beautiful wrought iron Cat Tree Tray is convenient for your cat and keeps dogs and other critters out of your cat’s dish! A must for multi-pet households!

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Order one for each of your fur kids and have your own Cat-feteria!

service 1

4-inch Tray for Small Bowls

Buy 2! One for food
and one for water!

service 2

6-inch Tray for Large Bowls

Easily attaches in minutes to your cat tree with 4 screws (included)

service 3

Stainless Steel Bowl

Add a stainless steel bowl
to your Cat Tree Tray

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See the Cat Tree Tray in action! (coming soon)

We're Pet Life Radio

The #1 Pet Radio Network... and we highly recommend the Cat Tree Tray!

Our story

Our Pet Life Radio studio cat crew is always hungry!  They love their regular meals but they also like to nibble a little bit during the day.  Unfortunately the Canine Crew also likes to eat and they were grabbing up the goodies before the cats could get there! So we had to come up with a solution to keep the chow hounds at bay! The Cat Tree Tray!  Our cat crew now experiences feline fine dining in culinary comfort!  It’s the purrrfect solution!

Elevate your cat's eating experience!

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Our Customers are Purring!

"The Cat Tree Tray is Me-WOW!!"

"Been sharing your great idea for feeding cats on scratching posts… genius!."

client 1 Dr. Bernadine Cruz, DVM Veterinarian & host of "The Pet Doctor"

"I love this cat tree tray! My dogs don’t get into the cat food, the cat food doesn’t spill all over the place and it keeps the ants out of their bowls! Thank you for a great product! Absolutely worth every cent!"

client 2 Jennifer Jackson Customer

"Thank you for thinking of this great idea! It’s a PURRfect solution for keeping my Golden Retriever Chloe out of our cat’s food dish! Luna can snack during the day and there’s actually food in her dish!"

client 3 Carrie McKnight Customer

"Dogs have owners, cats have staff"


Order one for each of your cats! Great for food and water!

4-inch Tray

  • $19.99
  • 2 or more trays
    $15.99 ea

6-inch Tray

  • $24.99
  • 2 or more trays
    $19.99 ea.

Steel Bowls

  • 6-inch bowl $9.99
  • 4-inch bowl $6.99


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