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The Family PetColleen Safford, host of The Family Pet on Pet Life Radio

Colleen Safford
Dog Trainer

All About Pets In The Family

Got Kids? Got Dog? Got Mania!? Well, you've come to the right spot!
The Family Pet brings sanity in managing your menagerie.

Not all families are created equal. The same rings true for our loyal and lovely family pets. From goofy gregarious giant breed pups to the bubble blowing goldfish, The Family Pet enlightens listeners on all things related to the furry and furless clan. Maybe you need help picking the right family pet, or introducing your existing family pet to a new child, that’s what we’re here to do!

Colleen will help you create a safe and harmonious pod for all of your family's members. Bringing pets into the family should be a joyous occasional with great benefits to all... get off on the right paw and tap the family pet for wisdom.

With Colleen’s light-hearted and “common sense” approach to child-pet safety and child-pet training, With an array of industry experts and call-ins from owners, the Family Pet is sure to leave you barking for more!


Episode 2 - Not All Pets Are Created Equal
Gary the goldfish or Danny the Dane? Which is the right pet for your existing clan?   It’s important to remember that not all pets are created equal!  Just like you’d research the next family vehicle, it’s more than imperative to research; before expanding your family to include a pet.

Taking the time to consider the needs of your new pet and the current lifestyle of your family is the best way to get off on the right paw when making a pet selection.   Today we snoop and sniff around in your life to get your thoughts as you kick off this important decision making process.

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Episode 1 - Introduction to The Family Pet
The Family Pet addresses any and all topics related to the pet-family dynamic. This podcast is for families that might be considering the addition of a pet to their bustling household and for those with pets looking to add children to their existing pack!

Colleen will tackle those "head scratching" happenings and give advice on child-pet safety and pet selection. Creating a safe and harmonious household is our top priority! The "Family Pet" aims to keep everyone (parents, pets and kids) safe, happy and sane!

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