End-of-Summer Denial

Teoti Anderson on Pet Life Radio

Are you clinging to the last days of summer, not quite ready for the fall? If so, join Teoti in her state of denial that summer is almost over. She'll share ideas for adventures with your dog to celebrate the last days of the warmer season, along with tips for keeping your dog safe during the fun. From swimming and camping to hikes and day trips, we'll keep celebrating summer a little longer! You'll even get a great dog treat recipe that's perfect for picnics or training!

Shadow was five and had been severely abused.  He had this look in his eyes that would break your heart; like he had experienced things no animal should have to go through.  He didn’t play, he didn’t enjoy human touch, and he constantly paced.  He flinched at the slightest noise and cowered at the slightest movement.  His spirit had been shattered a long time ago.

I sought help but at the time I was enrolled in a graduate program, had just moved to a new state, was a country girl now in a city, could not afford training, and had no time.  After a year of deliberation and talking to veterinarians and behavior hotlines, I decided it was best to end his suffering.  This picture is the only picture of the two of us (he hated to be held) and it was taken the day before I took Shadow for his final ride.  My veterinarian and good friend made the process as easy as it could be and I thank him for that.  As Shadow took his last breath, the only thing I could say was: “I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.”

If I knew then what I know now…

My experiences were the driving force behind my decision to provide consultation services to the public. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like, and I want to help you. No one should have to make the decision I made, without support. And no pet should have to live the life Shadow lived.

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