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Ilusion Millan

Ilusion Millan
..Photograph by Giles Bensimon.


Ilusion Millan

    Ilusion Millan is President of Cesar Millan, Inc (CMI), co-owner and General Manager of The Dog Psychology Center, and CFO of the Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation.

    Born in Los Angeles, and raised in various Southern California communities, Ilusion met Cesar when she was 17, and they married a year later. They have two sons–Andre, 14, and Calvin, 9.

    In 1997, she and Cesar opened their South L.A. based Dog Psychology Center, founded as a “last chance” rehabilitation center for dogs with severe behavioral issues, such as severe fear, anxiety, and “red zone” aggression. The Center soon gained renown for its successful rehabilitation techniques and triumphs, including with “retired” police dogs considered too aggressive for adoption by families, as well as dogs marked for extermination due to aggressive behavior.

    Assuming the day-to-day operations, Ilusion was also instrumental in developing and managing the Center’s long–term business plans. Her most ambitious early project was producing and marketing Cesar’s initial series of personal appearance seminars, which toured across the country, a program that is still a vital part of Cesar’s outreach efforts. At these seminars, Cesar helps attendees “unleash their instincts” with his unique take on the human-canine relationship.

    Today, Ilusion continues to play a principal role in all of Cesar’s public efforts, including the National Geographic Channel hit, “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan;” the continuing success, expansion, and relocation of the Dog Psychology Center; and the educational and charitable activities of the Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation.

    Her involvement in all things “Dog Whisperer” is extensive, and includes helping to create, design, and supervise production of the new line of dog care products sold exclusively through PETCO’s 900 stores; helping to create and produce Cesar’s series of DVDs (both show-related and training programs); expanding the Dog Psychology Center’s outreach, programs, and relocation; serving as the chief officer for all CMI enterprises; creating and implementing programs for the Cesar & Ilusion Millan Foundation and its outreach to Los Angeles area schools and communities throughout the U.S; and making personal appearances.

    Current projects in development include a national radio show, a video game, an interactive internet program, and a grade school curriculum designed to educate children about the proper treatment of animals. Ilusion has also written a chapter in Cesar’s book “A Member of the Family,” about how women can become pack leaders.

    Ilusion’s creative and entrepreneurial sprit, Cesar himself says, is the driving force behind CMI’s branding, and expansion. Cesar also acknowledges, sincerely, that his wife “is the true Pack Leader in the family.”

    Though she has accomplished much as a businesswoman, Ilusion’s most cherished titles are wife and mother. Ilusion works hard to balance all the elements of her life and give her children a stable, loving home. She says, “Every choice I make has consequences good or bad. All this has made me more humble, compassionate, and grateful for this opportunity.”

    CMI is a partnership between Cesar and Ilusion Millan, MPH Entertainment, and Emery/Sumner Productions, producers of “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.”

    Cesar Millan, Inc. (CMI) is a dynamic, diversified, multi-national company that supports and endorses the work and philosophy of dog behavior expert Cesar Millan. The company promotes healthier relationships between dogs and their owners by showcasing Cesar's unique talents to educate, entertain, and offer personal empowerment through use of leadership skills. As the star of the hit television series (about to start its fifth season) “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” Cesar has already gained a significant following of dog lovers. With an estimated 600 million dogs worldwide, CMI plans to expand Cesar's reach to an international audience through DVDs, books, merchandise, and speaking tours, as well as alliances with key retail outlets and additional television series and specials. Every item created by the company offers excellence and integrity. CMI intends to develop and promote the Cesar brand as a Seal of Approval for all things canine, transforming the connection between dog lovers and products they can trust.



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