Pamela Merritt

Pamela Merritt on Pet Life Radio

In a Purr-fect World... every cat would have a home.

For thirty years, Pamela Merritt has been learning, applying, and sharing, her cat knowledge with the world. From running a hands-on amateur cat rescue from her home, to writing problem solving articles and books, her world-wide following keeps contributing compliments and conundrums.

Why do people say cats are impossible to train? Why do people love kittens... and hate cats? Why do they have competing reputations as aloof and lacking affection, and also adorable and adoring?

Why do cats behave that way?

Pamela believes that "understanding their nature" is the key to cat understanding, training, and affection. Our felines have changed very little from the cunning predators the earliest agricultural civilizations recruited to control vermin in their grain stores. By asking ourselves, "What cat instinct is being expressed here?" we can find the answers to the toughest cat questions!

When she applies her honors degree in psychology to the antics of her own Cat Civilization, the answers sometimes surprise and astonish. Pam calls any collection of three or more cats a Cat Civilization, because they begin to interact and share resources. Any home can become a multi-cat home with her choosing, and policing, tips.

Meet James Bond, the now-elderly, once recovered-feral, kitten. Hear Reverend Jim's story from his beginnings as evidence in a police abuse case to his triumphant full recovery. Discover how Olwyn, our boss with lots of "tortitude," not-so-secretly runs things. Enjoy Tristan, found in a field at the age of three weeks, who turned from a foster kitten to the delightful "baby of the family."

If everyone knew Pam's Cat Secrets... every home would want a cat!