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Pet Peeves on Pet Life RadioAmy Shojai, CABC - host of Pet Peeves

Amy Shojai, CABC
Pet Authority
Award-winning author

Clipping Their Wings:
The Grounding of America's Pets

Patie Ventre

Patie Ventre .


With the holiday season in full swing, we plan to spend vacations with
long-distance families--and we want to include our fur-kids in the
festivities. But many  airlines are no longer such "friendly skies" when it
comes to travel with pets. Passengers rarely know they share cabin space
with a pet; human travelors are noisier, more pungent, and aggravating. Yet
the pet's ticket costs double or more the price of a human, even when Fluffy
rides under the seat as carry-on, and never gets a free snack! So what's the
big hairy deal? Join frequent pet-flier Patie Ventre for her take on the
state of pet travel, and a call for frequent flier miles for globe-trotting pets.

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