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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM
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Does This Collar Make Me Look Fat?

Dr. Michael Woolley on Pet Life Radio..........

...Dr. Michael Woolley

I try not to laugh when a client tells me that they have a pet that is a very picky eater.  They have a terrible time finding something it will eat.  They have tried every commercial food, and now they are home cooking.  Oh what to do?  And sitting in front of me a pet suffering not from anorexia but over nutrition…it is downright plump.  Why don’t these concerned pet owners see what is right there in front of them?  How did these pets get this way?  What can you do to insure that your dog or cat isn’t afflicted with this all too common form of malnutrition? 

Texas prides itself in all things big but my guest, San Antonio veterinarian Dr. Michael Woolley has a special interest in keeping pets slim and trim. To learn more about Slentrol, please visit:

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