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The Pet Doctor, Your Pet Health Matters on PetLifeRadio.comBernadine D. Cruz, DVM, host of The Pet Doctor

Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM
Veterinary Media Consultant


The ‘C’s We Love, Fear
and Don’t Understand

Dr. David Bommarito on Pet Life Radio ..........

...Dr. David Bommarito

Cats, canines, cuddling, kisses…OK, my spell check isn’t very good but you get the idea…these are the type of ‘C’s pet owners can’t get enough of.  And then there is the ‘C’ word we all fear, cancer.  It can happen to any breed, at any age.  It could be an innocuous bump or there may be no external indication that a malignant menace is lurking inside.  It can destroy your pet’s health until you are in a battle that may truly be life and death. The ‘C’ words we don’t understand are the ways that are available to care for,  control and sometimes cure these diseases.

We’ve heard the phrase ‘cutting edge advances’ but my guest, Dr. David Bommarito is a veterinarian who wields a cyberknife, destroying cancers that previously were untouchable.

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