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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM

Would You Prefer a
Milk Bone with That Juice?

Dr. Sean Owens on Pet Life Radio ..........

...Dr. Sean Owens

You’ve heard it before…’Save a life donate blood’, but for our pets? Myriad reasons exist that may require a blood transfusion for a dog or cat. But where does your veterinarian obtain it?  They can’t just phone up the local Red Cross and request a unit. Are there such things as blood types? Can your pet be a donor? And does a pup get a Milk Bone after donating? 

Dr. Sean Owens is a board certified veterinary pathologist and associate director of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital Laboratory Services at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. For the next half hour we are going to learn about veterinary transfusion medicine.

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