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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM

Getting Your Top Dog in Top
Shape Post Joint Surgery

Dr. James St.Clair on Pet Life Radio ........

..Dr. James St.Clair

Your dog has just come home from having major surgery on its knee, back or hip.  There is so much to remember…antibiotics, pain medication, keeping it quiet…now how long was it supposed to be on leash walks only?  How are you supposed to flex the joint?  When can you give it a bath?  You thought you remembered all the directions but you just aren’t sure?  If it could only be written down in a way that you could easily access and understand. 

Top Dog Health and Rehabilitation is just what the doctor ordered.  Dr. James St.Clair will lead us through why he founded this company and how it ease your mind and your dog’s body before, during and after surgery and just maybe how to keep it from needing surgery.

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Dr. James St.Clair on Pet Life Radio


Dr. James St.Clair,  is a small animal veterinarian and founder of TopDog Health & Rehabilitation ( In 2004, TopDog Health & Rehabilitation opened its doors as a local canine rehabilitation facility in central Connecticut.   Over the years TopDog’s mission has been to provided essential and trusted educational material to pet owners whose dogs are either undergoing orthopedic surgery such as (TPLO- tibial plateau leveling osteotomy, TTA- tibial tuberocity advancement, CCL- cranial cruciate ligament rupture or dog acl surgery, MPL – medial patellar luxation, FHO – femoral head osteotomy, THR -total hip replacement for dogs) or dogs that are suffering from age related or genetic joint health issues.

TopDog Health & Rehabilitation is now recognized as the Webs #1 Resource for Pet Owner Information about Dog Orthopedic Disease, Surgery and Rehabilitation.

In addition to education also serves as a up-to-date directory for canine rehabilitation facilities in the USA and for board certified veterinary surgeons.  TopDog always promotes and encourages pet owners to seek professional rehab services.

In 2009, Dr. St.Clair and his TopDog Team began consulting with veterinary nutritionist and industry leaders in the world of animal supplements and developed a line of joint health supplements that would exceed expectations of pet owners and veterinarians. GlycanAid Maintenance Joint Health and GlycanAid-HA Advanced Joint Health supplements for dogs have since gone on to receive 5 star rated independent reviews and are growing in popularity as the leading joint health supplement in the marketplace.  

In 2010, TopDog introduced Flexerna (TM) Omega into the market as an Omega 3 solution for joint health. The primary active ingredient called Supranol (R) is the ultra-pure extracted oil from the green-lipped mussel of new zealand, known to be one of the richest sources of ETA- eicosatetranoic acid on the planet.

Last but not least Dr. St.Clair and his team developed the SupportRx; Total Body Support Harness for dogs, designed with the post-surgery dog in-mind and also dogs who are struggling with their hind legs and are in need of some additional support. Coming July of 2013 an entirely updated harness with major improvements is set to be released.

TopDog Health & Rehabilitation


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