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Epilepsy, Seizures & Episodes, Oh My!

Dr. Jason Berg on Pet Life Radio ........

..Dr. Jason Berg ............................


Today we are discussing a very scary problem for pet owners.  Have you ever seen a person faint, have a stroke or have an epileptic fit?  Have you ever seen that in a pet?  Did you know that pets, like humans, can suffer from seizures from a number of different causes?  They can even have epilepsy. I doubt anyone listening every thought their pet would have a seizure- it is not something we are generally prepared for. Hopefully after listening to this episode you will have a much better understanding of seizures in our pets.  What are they, why they occur and what we can do about them.    Our special guest and expert today is Dr. Jason Berg, a board certified veterinary internal medicine specialist and veterinary neurologist who will help us understand the conditions associated with seizures.

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Dr. Jason Berg is the co-founder and staff neurologist and internist with Animal Specialty Center. He received his doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Texas A&M University and did an internship and residencies in both internal medicine and neurology at the Animal Medical Center in NYC.  He is a certified acupuncturist. He is a very accomplished veterinary neurologist and has performed thousands of neurosurgeries, including hundreds of brain surgeries. He is one of only two veterinary neurologists to have implanted the vagal nerve stimulator to help control epilepsy.  He has published numerous articles pertaining to veterinary neurology and has presented at professional conferences around the country. His vast experience in both neurology and internal medicine disciplines enable him to provide his patients with expertise covering a broad spectrum of acute and chronic illnesses.

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