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As a child I loved sitting on my dad’s lap as he drove.  I pretended I was piloting the car.  Now we strap our kids into their Department of Transportation approved car seats, safely ensconced in the back seat.  But not all our family members get the same safe guards.  Our pets can become projectiles in even a slow speed crash, injuring themselves or other passengers.

Lindsey Wolko, the founder and CEO of the Center for Pet Safety will disclose the results of a landmark study comparing dog car safety harnesses.  The findings may cause you to rethink taking your pet for a jaunt in the car.

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A long-term pet safety advocate, Lindsey Wolko led the pet safety mission at Canine Commuter from 2004 – 2011. During that time she also acted as a consultant for numerous pet product manufacturers on product design, quality, performance, consumer communications and marketing efforts. In 2011, in response to scientific product testing results, she closed Canine Commuter and launched the Center for Pet Safety. Ms. Wolko is an associate member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and holds a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University. She currently leads the product research division of CPS.

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