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The Pet Doctor, Your Pet Health Matters on PetLifeRadio.comBernadine D. Cruz, DVM, host of The Pet Doctor

Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM

Canadian Originals…Newfoundland and Labrador Dogs and a Veterinarian Who Cares for the Pet Population of St. John’s

Bernadine in Newfoundlandl on Pet Life Radio........



This Pet Doctor show is a continuation of my adventures in Newfoundland Canada.  Hi, I am Dr. Bernadine Cruz.  I will be speaking with two of the province’s champion breeders of the Newfoundland dog and Labrador retriever.  These animals are such an important part of their culture that if you visit St. John’s Harbourside Park, you will find two life-sized bronze statues of the province’s iconic mascots.   I also sat down with a local shelter veterinarian to discuss the challenges and joys of practicing medicine in the oldest city in North America.

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Tony Moores

Imelda McDonald and Tony Moores of Landnsea Labradors. We started out in Labradors around 18 years ago when we adopted our first Labrador , a chocolate male named Hershey. We knew from that time on Labradors were the best breed ever. Hershey was a pure bred however he was never however he was a champion in our hearts. He had a long life with us as he lived for 14 ½ years . Our second Labrador was also a chocolate male named Hudson .Hudson was our first show dog and he was a once in a lifetime obedience dog winning many titles along the way. From there we would continue to add to our family and after about 13 years of being owned by Labradors we decided we would enter the world of dog breeding . We had many mentors along the way and we have been eternally grateful to them all for their sharing of their knowledge. Today we would consider ourselves to be hobby breeders. We currently have 8 adult labs living with us and each day brings us many memorable moments. We have been very lucky with our breeding program as our first home bred girl that we have kept has become the top winning Labradors for Best In Show wins in Canadian history.  Her titled name is MBIS MRBIS BOSS Can CH Landnsea’s Lighthouse Keepher AOM ,  call name: Keepher.  We show our labs because we are proud to display the lines that we e produce however first and foremost our labs are pets first and they all enjoy being a huge part of our family . We don’t own a kennel and our labs live with us in our home , yes 8 adults labs in our home , makes for some interesting times especially when our girls are in season.

Heather Hillier, DVM

- born and raised in the small mining town of Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)
- 2003 graduate of the Atlantic Veterinary College in Prince Edward Island
- living and working in St. John's NL since graduation.
- 2003 - 2012 in private practice at the St. John's Veterinary Hospital
- 2012-present Shelter Veterinarian for the City of St. John's
- 2013 President of the Newfoundland and Labrador Veterinary Medical Association
- 2014 Deputy Registrar of the NL College of Veterinarians
- 2014 Local Chair of the CVMA National Convention
- Mommy of Henry Hillier (aged 5 and self professed "animal rescuer") and Bride of Robert Hillier
- Furbabies - Enzo Ferrari and Jinx Fluffynuts (felines from the Shelter) and Dresden Souran (Dobie extraordinaire!)






















































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