The Lost China Tape

Dr. Bernadine Cruz  on Pet Life Radio

Hello!. This is Dr. Bernadine Cruz. I have a confession; I love to travel but tend to misplace my belongings along the way. In October of 2015, I had the opportunity to tour China. I saw marvelous sites of antiquity and treasure. What I enjoyed the most was meeting the people and being a veterinarian, seeing how they interacted with their animals. During my visit, I was fortunate to gain insights into the Chinese human-animal bond by interviewing Ms. Lily Li, the director of Companion Animal Business, Zoetis China. I also had the frustration of misplacing the device I use when I conducted our conversation and had no backup of our meeting. Grrrh. Well happy dance time, I found the device and the lost interview of Shanghai. Ms Li and audience, please accept my apologies for the tardiness of getting this interview on the net. I think you will agree however it was worth the wait. Xièxiè (thank you!)

Lily Li on Pet Life Radio