Ingredients for an Optimal Life

Dr. Bernadine Cruz  on Pet Life Radio

In the past few decades, dog and cats have moved from the backyard to the bedroom. We celebrate their birthdays, have nanny cams so we can check on them when we are away, include them on our holiday cards and spend more time trying to figuring out what to feed them than we spend on our own dining choices.

If you are like most pet parents, a trip to the pet store can be overwhelming when you gape at the rows upon rows of pet food choices….premium, organic, grain free, free range, holistic, raw, natural…what does it really mean?  Should cook your own food? Who do you turn to for credible information…the kid at the pet store, Dr. Google? 

So step away from that bag of food, put down that can of pet food and relax for the next ½ hour with your favorite dog or cat by your side for a pet food primer by Dr. Oscar Chavez, Chief Medical Officer at Just Food For Dogs.

Just Food For Dogs on Pet Life Radio