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The Pet Doctor, Your Pet Health Matters on PetLifeRadio.comBernadine D. Cruz, DVM, host of The Pet Doctor

Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM
Veterinary Media Consultant

Staying on the Right Tract…Avoiding Intestinal Upsets

According to the nation’s largest pet health insurance company, Veterinary Pet Insurance, GI upset ranks as the second most common reason for dog owners to seek medical attention for their canine companions and the fourth most common reason for cat owners.  A pet’s digestive system is amazingly complex and sensitive.  It is responsible for more than just processing food into energy and waste products.  An upset GI system can lead to a decreased quality of life and a decrease in its quantity. 

My guests today are from the Purina Pet Care Company, Drs. Grace Long and Gail Czarnecki-Maulden.  They will tell us how to keep our pet’s GI system on the right tract.


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