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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM
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Killer Whales, Healthy Oceans and You

Joe Gaydos, DVM

...Joe Gaydos, DVM


The Earth, is often referred to as the ‘Blue Marble’ of our solar system.  The blue hue, as seen from space, is a reflection of the water that covers 70% of the earth’s surface. This water is very attractive, enticing over ½ of the U.S.’s population to live within 50 miles of the coast.  Sadly, the seemingly boundless nature of our marine resources has caused people to take it for granted.  We become outraged when there are huge oil spills but what about the small amount of oil that our cars leak onto our roadways everyday?.  Where does it go?  Much of it into our oceans. 

The oceans have served as a convenient garbage dumping site.  The junk that pollutes our oceans ranges from pet droppings that enter the storm drains and ground water, industrial noxious waste, and runoff.  Regrettably, the health of our oceans and its inhabitants have suffered tremendously.  But it is not just the seas and fish that are feeling the ill effects….the health of land dwellers are also impacted.  What can a veterinarian do?  What can you do?  Dr. Joseph Gaydos, chief scientist and wildlife veterinarian at UC Davis Wildlife Center, Orcas Islands in Eastsound, Washington will be my guest today and give us some sobering facts and reason for hope.

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