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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM
Veterinary Media Consultant

Paws to Save Pets

Dr. Hal Little

...Dr. Hal Little


What impact can one person, one veterinarian, one initiative make to help our pets when there are disasters as devastating as Hurricane Katrina, as horrible as the flooding in the Midwest, horrific as the wildfires in California or blizzards in Colorado?  Countless animal lives have been saved and pets have been reunited with misplaced owners because of a unique partnership called Paws to Save Pets.  But what can you do to help?  More importantly, what can you do to help insure that your pet is not a victim of a preventable disaster?  How can you prepare for catastrophes that just can’t be predicted but are all too common?  My guest today is Dr. Hal Little of Merial Animal Health.  He will tell us how to plan ahead to safeguard the pets in our lives. 

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