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Bernadine D. Cruz, DVM
Veterinary Media Consultant

Kids Interacting with Dogs Safely

Jane Greco Deming

...Jane Greco Deming


As a child, I remember my mom explaining the fine points of proper behavior at the dinner table, especially when that dinner included guests.  I don’t remember, however, being instructed in the fine art of behaving around dogs.  All I recall is ‘don’t touch strange dogs’.  She tried to scare me into compliance.  It’s a miracle I ever became a veterinarian.  Sadly, the majority of children are never schooled in the skills needed to not become one of the 3.5 million youngsters that are bitten by dogs every year in the United States.  Surprisingly, most of these dogs are familiar to the child that is bitten. 

My guest today is Jane Greco Deming.  She is the Director of Humane Education for the American Humane Association.  She will explain the ‘Kids Interacting Safely with Dogs’ (KIDS) program.  It is fun, educational for children and adults and it could save your children from injury or even death.

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