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Pets and Punchlines is the podcast that happens when a hip young veterinarian is dating a professional comedian.  On a regular basis some of the best comics in NYC call Richie so they can talk to Dr. Lisa and get free vet advice for their pets.  Ever since they moved in together, this has been a weekly occurrence that always starts off serious and winds up being funny.

This was the genesis of Pets and Punchlines. It's the only show of it's kind, pairing practicing veterinarians with pet loving comedians for a discussion that is serious, funny and smart.  The show is basically what it's like to hang out with Dr. Lisa and Richie Redding… it's going to be hilarious, informative and slightly inappropriate.

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Episode 5 - From Comedy Central and The Late Late Show It’s Comedian Joe Devito!

We discuss his childhood pets and his love of cats. How exactly did he get a cat named Nookie? Listen to find out!  Richie learns about pets getting skin cancer from sun exposure. Joe and Richie freak out about toxoplasmosis.

Informative Segment: Don't freak out about toxoplasmosis!

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Episode 4 - Frisky The Cat!!

The hysterical Rob Stapleton and his brilliant wife Chastity come by for a great conversation about their cat Frisky. From HBO and Comedy Central, Rob is one of Richie's mentors and favorite performers. We hear about his childhood with pets and how he came to love Chastity's cat Frisky (who is one of Dr. Lisa's patients!).

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Episode 3 - Baby Dog!!!

Our hilarious friend Nathan Macintosh, who has been seen on Conan is also a great doggy daddy to Baby Dog! Hear about how Baby Dog came to him in the most adorable way and why Nathan wants a house full of Chihuahuas!! @Freethechi might be his mission after comedy. He's absolutely nuts about dogs! Cats? Not so much.  Dr. Lisa talks about certifying service animals while Nathan and Richie make inappropriate jokes.  Great times!!!

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Episode 2 - Ohhhh, Mijo!

We are joined by newlywed comedians Aaron Berg and Christine Meehan who talk about their adorable and highly allergic little Chihuahua, Mijo.  It turns hilarious quickly!  Aaron can be seen every week on In Hot Water on Cumia Network and Christine is a regular at NYC's comedy clubs.

Topics include how they rescued their puppy with the help of Bideawee, why Chihuahua's tremble and how a tiny dog made a muscle man cry!  We also discuss introducing your dog to a new home and the dangers of Xylitol.  Plus…  an informative segment about the need for pet insurance.

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Episode 1 - Just The Tip

Dr. Lisa and Richie sit down with comedian Matt Richards and Dr. Alex Schechter of Off Leash Veterinary Care. Matt is a friend to all creatures, a regular on MTV2's Joking Off and has appeared on ABC's 2 Broke Girls.  Topics include Dr. Lisa going viral with @Catstradamus and a lively game of "My Dog Ate What?" Also, an Informative Segment about the dangers of heat stroke.


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