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Dr. Lisa & Richie Redding on Pet Life Radio

Dr. Lisa and Richie sit down with comedian Matt Richards and Dr. Alex Schechter of Off Leash Veterinary Care. Matt is a friend to all creatures, a regular on MTV2's Joking Off and has appeared on ABC's 2 Broke Girls.  Topics include Dr. Lisa going viral with @Catstradamus and a lively game of "My Dog Ate What?" Also, an Informative Segment about the dangers of heat stroke.


Matt Richards made Dave Chappelle laugh. Dave Chappelle is the best comedian alive... This makes Matt Richards the second best. Born and raised on the gritty streets of Queens, Matt used comedy as a means of defending himself from bullies and gangsters. It worked 62% of the time. Matt is also an actor, a magician, and a hypnotist. In the last 7years, he's performed on several thousand shows. Liv Ullman (google her I'll wait) thinks Matt will surpass Denzel one day, and not because Matt and Liv's collaboration on HBO was nominated for an Emmy, but because it's the truth. Matt is a new cast member on season 2 of MTV2's new hit show "JOKING OFF" You are blessed if you see him on stage. Thank The Lord you got a ticket. "