Kristin Buller: Bringing Clinical Training to the Problem of Special Needs Pets

Jamie Migdal on Pet Life Radio

Jamie talks to Kristin Buller, MA-LCSW, about the field of veterinary social work, how behavior problems in pets can impact the lives of owners, and what kinds of multi-disciplinary treatments are proving to be the most effective support for both pets and owners


Kristin Buller is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in private practice in Chicago, specializing in veterinary social work.  In addition to her clinical training, Kristin was educated at CanineLink Academy in dog behavior and is currently pursuing a certification in veterinary social work (VSW-CP) from the University of Tennessee.  She is currently working with Dr. Kelly Ballantyne, DVM, at Medical District Veterinary Clinic on research focusing on the impact of pet behavior problems on owners and the range of ways to support them.

In her private practice, Kristin provides emotional support to pet owners through counseling and support groups for people loving and living with “special needs” pets, those facing difficult decisions regarding their pets, and walking through the grief and loss of a pet.  Kristin specializes in helping people navigate how the behavior problems of their pet impact their own life by providing holistic support to both pet and owner in close collaboration with veterinarians and trainers.