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Positively Podcast with Victoria Stilwell on Pet Life RadioVictoria Stilwell  On The Road with Mac and Molly  on Pet Life Radio

Victoria Stilwell

Canine Assistants

Holly Firfer on Pet Life Radio..........Jennifer Arnold on Pet Life Radio

Holly Firfer ....................................... Jennifer Arnold


In the first episode of the new season, Victoria and Holly catch up on what's been happening for the past several months including: Victoria's European tour recap, the recent season of It's Me or the Dog, Victoria's new Ehow Pets YouTube channel, Victoria's new book, and Holly back working at CNN. They are joined on the Positively hotline by Jennifer Arnold from Canine Assistants. Included in the discussion: how the organization was started, why they breed dogs instead of rescue, the difference between the US and Europe re dogs in public, Why Retrievers make the best service and working dogs, how much it takes to train a Canine Assistants dog, and how many dogs they train and place each year. Also, the story of a diabetic man who was asked to leave a restaurant because he had his service dog with him. Finally, Victoria recaps the battle to try and save Lennox in Belfast, including her trip to Belfast to visit the family and what's next in the fight against BSL.

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