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Positively Podcast with Victoria Stilwell on Pet Life RadioVictoria Stilwell  On The Road with Mac and Molly  on Pet Life Radio

Victoria Stilwell

The Inner Dog

Holly Firfer on Pet Life Radio........

Holly Firfer .......................................


Recaps of Thanksgiving with Holly and Victoria's family, the upcoming Bail Bond program benefiting the Gwinnett County Jail Dogs program featured on Ehow Pets, and Holly hijacks Victoria's Animal Academy again with a tricky cat quiz for Victoria.

VSPDT trainer Sam Wike of The Inner Dog in Long Branch, NJ calls the Positively hotline to discuss how Hurricane Sandy affected people and their pets after the storm, including the amazing work being done by local and national shelter groups, airlines and other organizations. Also discussed, pet abandonment, Sam's history as a canine police officer and work in the military, the rarity of being a male positive reinforcement trainer, the disadvantages faced by female positive trainers, his crazy upcoming training session with a 220-pound dog.

Ask Victoria questions (featuring guest trainer Sam Wike) include a Pomeranian who bullies other dogs in the household and barks at the other dogs outside, one year old Collie who plays rough in the snow with the 5 and 7 year old kids in the house, how pharmacological tools may help a fostered one year-old Terrier mix who is terrified of everything, and how to help an 18-month old Beagle having trouble with housetraining.

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