Robin Shewokis

Robin Shewokis on Pet Life Radio

Robin Shewokis is the owner of The Leather Elves, a company that designs and manufactures enrichment devices for animals in captivity.  The Leather Elves started as a family business that created enrichment for companion parrots.  After working with several facilities that housed collections of parrots Robin realized that there was a need in those facilities for enrichment targeting other species.

In 2000 The Leather Elves began working with zoos internationally to enhance the level of enrichment provided.  Since then Robin has consulted at zoos in the US, Canada and Holland and has distributed enrichment products worldwide. 

In the companion parrot community Robin has spoken at numerous parrot clubs, providing a workshop that helps companion bird owners create a stimulating environment for their pets. Robin also works to develop new enrichment products for companion parrots that will stimulate naturalistic behavior when presented. Robin has published articles on enrichment in national and international publications. She is the enrichment columnist for the Flyer, a quarterly publication of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators.

Robin is a member of The American Association of Zookeepers and The International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators.  Robin works closely with the AAZK enrichment committee as an advisor and is a member of the IAATE enrichment committee. At the 2006 AAZK conference Robin received a certificate of appreciation for her contributions to the field of enrichment with regard to management of captive exotics.