Knock Knock, Your Dog Has
Something To Say

Beverly Isla on Pet Life Radio

This episode brings to surface what many may consider impossible. Can we really communicate with our pets let alone animals in general? Renowned animal communicator Claudia Hehr discusses why we can all do it. She also explores what rescue dogs really want from us and how we can improve our connection with them. 


For most of her life, Claudia Hehr has been helping clients all around the world to find out what their animal companions need. By using her ability to communicate with animals telepathically, she assists in areas as diverse as behaviour issues, wellness issues, traumas, fears and many other areas, and also reconnects people with their animal family members who have left their physical bodies. Claudia is not only a translator between animals and humans; the connection goes much further. Claudia is now recognized worldwide. She has appeared on numerous television networks such as the Discovery Channel and has been profiled on international radio broadcasts and in newspapers and magazines like Animal Wellness, Modern Dog, The Globe and Mail and Toronto Life. Claudia has also been the featured expert at many events.