A Cure For Overpopulation... Is It Possible?

Beverly Isla on Pet Life Radio

This episode will feature the 'Father of the Modern Day Animal Rights Movement' in the United States, Alex Pacheco. With an overpopulation of stray dogs, many organizations are doing their best to address the epidemic. Some take the initiatives of community building and education but for Alex, he's on the brink of something different. Sterilization of female dogs without surgery.  


Alex Pacheco is widely considered the “Father of the Modern Day Animal Rights Movement” in the United States. As co-founder of both the world’s largest and most widely recognized animal rights organization (PETA) and the world’s largest nonprofit animal adoption service (Adopt-A-Pet), his 30-year track record of victories for animals is arguably unequaled. In 1980, he co-founded PETA and for 20 years served as Chairman of the Board, specializing in undercover investigations, litigation and lobbying, before leaving in 2000. 

He has received many awards, ranging from induction into the Animal Rights Hall of Fame to The Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award, although his favorite is being voted Crew Member of the Year by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
Some of Pacheco’s most significant accomplishments came from the wide range of roles he played in helping convince many of the world's largest corporations to dramatically improve their policies concerning animals. From leading a high profile, three-year, successful campaign against the world’s largest corporation at the time, General Motors, in which he destroyed his own GM car by setting it afire in public during a press conference, to his undercover work in the Texas oilfields owned by Exxon, his track record of victories for animals is remarkable. Successfully-targeted companies include multi-billion-dollar companies such as Phillips Petroleum, Shell Oil, Gillette, L'Oreal , Revlon and Avon, to smaller companies such as Benetton, Tonka, Mattel, Hasbro, Amway, Kenner, Mary Kay and others.

In 2010, Pacheco founded 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You - The Cure for Animal Overpopulation (The Cure). The mission is develop veterinary pharmaceutical drugs to permanently end the number one cause of suffering and death for dogs and cats worldwide - overpopulation.

Described by those close to him as a modern day Spartan because of his Franciscan, non-materialistic philosophy, Pacheco remains an entrepreneur, innovator and, above all, perhaps the world’s preeminent defender of animal rights