Rescue Dogs Can Be A Star In Their Own Right!

Beverly Isla on Pet Life Radio

This episode will feature two special guests who contribute to the cause of rescue dogs by having them on center stage in a positive way. Carole Feeny, the co-founder of the Blue Collar Project, has a mission to celebrate rescue dogs & increase adoptions. Diane Rose-Solomon is an author of a picture book series to educate children on animal homelessness, basic animal care and much more. Both wonderful ladies believe in creating a positive outlook to the cause in order to encourage the public.  


Carole Feeny

Carole is Co-Founder of Project Blue Collar. She is a lifelong animal lover and rescuer. Although her career path was always in Business Development, the majority of her career with American Express, she always spent her spare time working with animals. She has studied conservation around the world and travels to Africa frequently as a “voluntourist.” She is also a foster mom for Stray Animal Adoption Program (SAAP) and has fostered hundreds of pups.  So many that she calls her place the PBC Puppy Hostel.  She finally decided that she needed to turn her passion into a full-time job and launched PBC in October 2012. Carole has many talents, but finding the perfect home for the many rescues she fosters, is perhaps her greatest one. Ask any of her friends, both two legged and four legged and they will tell you that it was Carole who helped them find each other.  Carole holds a B.S. from Eastern Kentucky University.

About Project Blue Collar Project Blue Collar - Support the UnderdogĀ® is a movement to celebrate rescue dogs and unite the communities and people who believe in them. The company's signature 'Support the Underdog' Blue Collars encourage adoption as the first option and offer an opportunity to raise money for the animal rescue community. With each dog blue collared, the movement grows and the more lives are saved. Since launching in October 2012, over 6,000 dogs have been Blue Collared in all 50 states and six continents.

Diane Rose-Solomon

Prior to writing books, Diane Rose-Solomon produced an award winning children’s activity video and later served as project coordinator for an eco-friendly design book. After rescuing a puppy 19 years ago, Ms. Rose-Solomon became increasingly involved in animal rescue and education and served for years on the board of a small grass roots animal rescue and aid organization. In 2009, in order to further her passion for helping animals, she became a Certified Humane Education Specialist through Humane Society University. She then combined her humane and creative interests and began work on a children’s picture book series. 

The first book, called “JJ the American Street Dog, and How He Came to Live in Our House” focuses on animal rescue, and the sequel, which was just released, called “JJ Goes to Puppy Class” focuses on the importance of patience and bonding with your new dog. Both books received Mom’s Choice Awards.  Ms. Rose-Solomon enjoys reading her stories to children in schools, libraries and at adoption events.  Her goal is to educate children and adults about the challenges of our voiceless friends and empower people to make a difference. Ms. Rose-Solomon lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two children and two rescued dogs.