The Beagle Freedom Project

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Meet the Beagles!  The Super Pawsome Shannon Keith actually flies Beagles from all over the world to freedom.  They are adorably sweet and are from testing labs.  Shannon shares her life saving adventure and how just by making informed choices at the cosmetic counter, we all can help.  Smiley gives this show four paws up and a Super Smile.  :)


Shannon Keith is the president and founder of Beagle Freedom Project and ARME. Shannon is also an animal rights attorney and international speaker on animal rights issues. Shannon grew up in Los Angeles, California with a house full of animals and family roots in entertainment. Ever since she was a small child, Shannon was always rescuing injured and homeless animals and nursing them back to health or finding loving homes for them.

So, it came as no surprise that Shannon decided to become an animal rights lawyer.
Animals are considered property, and Shannon has been striving to change that while defending animal rights activists in the courtroom, saving dogs being prosecuted in Los Angeles by getting them off death row, as well as prosecuting those who abuse animals. In 2000, Shannon obtained the largest settlement against the City of Los Angeles for the beating death of a dog by a city employee.

Shannon represents animal rights activists and organizations pro bono. Her clientele include: SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness), SHAC USA (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA), SEA SHEPHERD CONSERVATION SOCIETY, and others.

Three years ago, Shannon became proactive by infiltrating the media with a strong message about animal liberation and fighting back against the accusations that people who support animals are “terrorists.”

In 2004, Shannon started a non-profit, tax-exempt group called ARME-Animal Rescue, Media & Education.

ARME rescues homeless animals and is focused on stopping the problem at it’s roots, by making educational documentaries that teach people what really happens to animals and about those who risk their lives and freedom to save them.

ARME’s first documentary is called Behind the Mask and premiered in Los Angeles in June 2006. This controversial film will inevitably change many people’s perspectives about our government, about the pharmaceutical industry, and about animal exploitation.